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Icon for 80%Students in Research

Students in Research

Students contribute to pivotal work in more than 50 labs and research institutes.

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Students Who Intern

On average, a Krieger student has almost three internships while at JHU.

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Majors and Minors

With no core curriculum, students are provided the freedom to choose the courses that matter most to them.

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In Research Funding

JHU has been the top-funded university in federal research and development since 1979.

KSAS Spotlight

Gilman Tower seen through a glass window with the JHU shield

2022-2023 Dean’s Fellows

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fellow Program aims to provide the expertise and experience necessary to assist the dean in an area of strategic importance for the work of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. A fellow must be a full-time faculty member of the Krieger School and will devote 20 […]

News from The Hub

Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl

Married people who cheat don't regret it

May 22, 2023

Married people who have affairs find them highly satisfying, express little remorse, and believe the cheating didn't hurt their otherwise healthy marriages, finds a new Johns Hopkins report on the psychology of infidelity

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Arts & Sciences Magazine Spring 2023 Issue

illustrated person, small, standing on four levels of blocks that bring them almost to the height of a larger person, shown in profile

Cover Story: The Building Blocks of Mentorship

In higher education circles, mentors play a critical role in influencing the academic, career, and life paths of their mentees. Mentors say they also learn valuable lessons.

Sparking the Imagination in First-Year Seminars

From the journey of the earthworm to signs of racial inequity, First-Year Seminars cover a range of topics that inspire new college students.

Justice for All?

Political scientist and sociologist Vesla Weaver is spending her career listening to and researching the voices of a sizable group of people whose experience of democracy, citizenship, and government is completely different from that of those not living under police surveillance.

Dean Headshot

Notes ons mentorship and investing in each other from James B. Knapp Dean Christopher S. Celenza.

More from the Dean

Riding the Gravitational Waves

Berti was recently awarded the 2023 American Physical Society’s Richard A. Isaacson Award in Gravitational-Wave Science for his work on black holes and gravitational waves.

Uncovering the Myths of Leonardo 

Art history professor Stephen J. Campbell wants us to focus on the Leonardo da Vinci we know, not the way we imagine him.

A Game Theory Strategy to Fight Political Gridlock

Associate Professor Ying Chen uses game theory to investigate effective long-term political actions, especially around the environment and sustainability.

Protecting the Coral Reefs of Cuba

Adjunct Professor David Guggenheim uses the coral reefs of Cuba as an example of how we can protect and save reefs around the world.

Seeing Ancient Color

The class “Ancient Color: The Technologies and Meanings of Color in Antiquity” helps students look at what art may have looked like when it was made hundreds of years ago.

Books to Read in Spring 2023

Our Krieger School faculty tell us about the books they are enjoying in Spring 2023.

Students Trace Overlooked History in Sacred Places

Students in the community course “Researching the Africana Archive: Black Cemetery Stories” contribute to the historical record while learning about the history of Black Baltimore.

Krieger Faculty Awards Spring 2023

Spring 2023 faculty awards include election to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, NSF CAREER grants, and The Podcast Academy’s “Best Host.”

Decoding Digital Humanities

The Center for Digital Humanities help scholars combine the powers of the human brain with the powers of compu­tation.

Religion and Colonization in Mexico

The Experiential Research Lab “Holy Conquest: Religion and Colonization in 16th-Century Mexico” travelled to Mexico during intersession to get in-person experience with the art.

Minimizing Wildfire Damage

Neuroscience major Nandita Balaji is also the COO of InfernoGuard, a startup wildfire assessment tool that aims to help landowners lower their risk of fire and damage.

Right the Wrongs of Mass Incarceration

International studies and economics major Ava Levine’s work on the focus of women after incarceration and with the Maryland Justice Project is leading her to a new path.

Reining in Gun Violence

Public Health Studies major Kobi Khong works with the Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions on red flag laws, police shootings, and road rage incidents.

Community from Film 

Film and media studies student Cierra Gladden created her thriller short, “Sundown,” and made new steps in finding community and supporting diverse voices in film.

Five Questions with Rachelle Hernandez, Student Affairs

Rachelle Hernandez, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, discusses how she aims to help students have a better and easier four years at JHU.

Why JHU Students Love Earth and Planetary Sciences

JHU Earth and Planetary Sciences students tell us why they love their major.

Kweisi Mfume at JHU

Highlighting Krieger School alumnus and congressperson Kweisi Mfume’s accomplishments.

Then and Now: Pep Band

The JHU Pep Band in 1921 and 2021.

Krieger School Alumni News Spring 2023

Notable alumni news from spring 2023, including career achievement awards, and the PEN Award for Poetry in Translation.

U.S. Navy Commander Finds His Place in History

Ryan Mewett ’22 PhD completed his PhD focusing on modern naval warfare and is now a faculty member at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Improving America’s Archives

Allison Marsh ’08 PhD uses historical objects to teach the public about the history of science and technology, and get them more excited about archives and civic engagement.

For the Glory of Sport

Andrew Chen ’93 has been an orthopedic surgeon to olympians and more, and works to improve ski safety.

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