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Global University

Social sciences and public health, neuroscience, cell biology, biology and biochemistry, and space science rank in top 20 programs globally.

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Students in Research

Students contribute to pivotal work in more than 50 labs and research institutes.

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Faculty Members

Our faculty members hold some of the world’s most esteemed prizes and awards such as the Nobel, Guggenheim, Packard, and Simons.

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In Research Funding

JHU has been the top-funded university in federal research and development since 1979.

KSAS Spotlight

Gilman Tower seen through a glass window with the JHU shield

2022-2023 Dean’s Fellows

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fellow Program aims to provide the expertise and experience necessary to assist the dean in an area of strategic importance for the work of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. A fellow must be a full-time faculty member of the Krieger School and will devote 20 […]

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Arts & Sciences Magazine Fall 2022 Issue

Southern Ring Nebula from the James Webb Telescope. Dark sky, with amorphous blobs of transparent blue and yellow.

Cover Story: Far and Away with the James Webb Telescope

Members of the Johns Hopkins community respond to seeing the first images from the James Webb Telescope.

Conversations Against the Chasm

Krieger School scholars renew an often-fraught dialogue between the sciences and the humanities.

LGBTQ Narratives in Academia

An ambitious video project gives voice to a diverse array of JHU students, faculty, and staff.

Dean Headshot

Thoughts from James B. Knapp Dean Christopher S. Celenza about Krieger School faculty’s front-line research, and how it makes the world a better place.

More from the Dean

Seen & Heard, Laurence Ball

“What people really care about is their real wages, pensions and interest rates. Indexation is just kind of a no-brainer way to solve that problem, and that’s what they’ve done with Social Security.” 

Seen & Heard, Christy Thornton

Ultimately, more than four decades of the U.S.-led war on drugs abroad has not only failed to reduce the supply of illicit substances— it has actually made them more dangerous. A recent U.N. report found that global drug use is up 26 percent from a decade ago. Another survey by the Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed […]

Seen & Heard, Katie Hindmarch-Watson

“I think one of the most interesting legacies is that she carried the 20th century on her back with her. She was deployed in the Second World War. Her father and grandfather oversaw the first and second World Wars, and she brings that really powerful memory of the Second World War into the present. I […]

Fall 2022 Faculty Awards

Awards and honors won by Krieger School faculty in fall 2022.

Faculty We Lost, Fall 2022

In memoriam for Krieger School faculty who passed in summer and fall of 2022.

From the Office of Sarah Hörst

See inside the office of Sarah Hörst, associate professor of earth and planetary sciences.

Magazine Brings Literary Style to Philosophical Writings

A new magazine for philosophical writings, The Raven, covers ethics, consciousness, time, and more.

Prospecting for Water on the Moon

Kevin Lewis, an associate pro­fessor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, is a co-in­vestigator of a new mission to land on the south pole of the moon.

Books to Read in Fall 2022

Our faculty and staff talk about the books they’re enjoying in fall 2022.

New Book: Segregated Time

In his new book Segregated Time, P.J. Brendese argues that time is used and misused, running at very different speeds depending upon one’s position in the world.

Evan Mawarire and #thisflag

Evan Mawarire, the inaugural Dissident-in-Residence at Johns Hopkins’ SNF Agora Institute, is on a mission to warn the world how easy it is for a dictator to take over a country. 

Neuroscientists Find Brain Mechanism Tied to Age-related Memory Loss 

Johns Hopkins neuroscientists working with rats have pinpointed a mechanism in the brain responsible for a common type of age-related memory loss. 

Learning About Minds and Machines

Phillip Honenberger leads the course Minds and Machines, that focuses on philosophical questions about AI.

Making Brand New Materials

Rebekka Klausen’s lab showed that linking together hexagon-shaped silicon molecules in a zig-zag fashion was more effective than linking them in a straight chain.

New Faculty Books Fall 2022

New books Krieger School faculty published in fall 2022.

Looking to the Past for the Future

Daphne Tang’s research on the Baltimore Holy Week uprising of 1968 and 2015 demonstrations against police brutality won the Joseph L. Arnold Prize for Outstanding Writing on Baltimore’s History.

Achieving Biological Balance

Kent Kotaka studies the human microbiome with the on-campus Department of Embryology at the Carnegie Institute for Science.

Class of 2026

Photos from the fall 2022 move-in for Class of 2026.

Araceli Frias, Assistant Dean for DEI

Five questions with Araceli Frias, who joined the Krieger School as assistant dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion in 2022.

Why JHU Students Love Being a Classics Major

Johns Hopkins students tell us why they love being a classics major in the Krieger School.

Unlocking Words with the American Prison Writing Archive

Adriana Orduña ’23 is one of several Hopkins scholars using the American Prison Writing Archive for research. The archive is moving to Johns Hopkins this winter.

Healthy Babies Around the World

Noah Trudeau is part of a research project trialing how protein supplements affect antibiotics in babies.

Examining Housing Woes

Christine Jang-Trettien PhD ’20 completed research on disinvestment, poverty, and speculation in Baltimore neighborhoods.

Fall 2022 Alumni News

Krieger School alumni in the news in fall 2022.

Cooking Things Up

Josh Abady ’16 on his work as an entrepreneur and current project, Manna Cooking.

A Path to Pediatrics

LaTonya Russell ’00 serves her community as a pediatrician at the Sentara Family Medicine and Pediatric Clinic.

CV: Soren Wheeler

Soren Wheeler MA ’07, has a successful career in radio as the Executive Editor at Radiolab.

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