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Students to Faculty

Most classes have fewer than 20 students, and build a close personal connection with faculty.

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Nobel Prize Winners

Most recently, Adam Riess, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, won the Nobel Prize for showing the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

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Students Who Intern

On average, a Krieger student has almost three internships while at JHU.

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In Research Funding

JHU has been the top-funded university in federal research and development since 1979.

The Undergraduate Experience

The undergraduate experience at the Krieger School allows students to build basic abilities that allow them to flourish and learn throughout their life.

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Through a fellowship she earned while still in high school, Cleo Bluthenthal visited hospitals in northern India and Nepal to learn about health care settings abroad. While there, she became particularly interested in birthing practices. That trip, along with her broader passion for health care equity, led her to apply to Johns Hopkins. Classes that she took during her first year at JHU opened her eyes to racial birthing disparities.

“Black women risk their lives bringing life into this world more than any other demographic group. Biology doesn’t explain that,” she says.

Delving into the medical literature, she examined how high preterm birth rates are tied to high maternal mortality across all demographics, but especially in Black women. A predictive risk factor for preterm 
birth is several cardiovascular conditions, with high blood pressure being the most pronounced.

Fortunately, the conditions are also readily diagnosable and treatable. Increasing access to early screening, for instance through directed funding and outreach, she says, could lead to decreases in preterm birth and maternal deaths.

Her long-term goal is a leadership role in developing integrated approaches to health and social policy that reduce inequitable outcomes for marginalized communities.

“I want to contribute to our body of knowledge so we can improve health care and refuse to allow mistreatment.”
A HopMUN weekend getaway. 🚌 A few members of the Hopkins Model UN team recently attended the National Collegiate Security Conference in Washington D.C. where they engaged with committees covering a vast array of regions, issues, and time periods related to security. 

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This one is a page turner. 🌟 Check out the Fall 2023 issue of the Arts & Sciences magazine. It’s full of cool stories about our brilliant professors, remarkable students, and talented alumni. Link in bio and stories. 

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Magical Monday 🍂☀️

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Arts & Sciences Magazine Fall 2023 Issue

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Cover Story: Building up Democracy at the SNF Agora Institute

Scholars and students at the SNF Agora Institute are leading efforts to advance civic engagement.

Trusting the Process at the Center for Visual Arts

Center for Visual Arts nears 50 years of evolution.

Footprints from the Past

With the help of their professors, undergraduates explore new ways of uncovering lost, and at times unsettling, history.

Dean Headshot

Fall 2023 updates from Christopher S. Celenza, James B. Knapp Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

More from the Dean

Art Historian Daniel Weiss Returns

Art historian Daniel H. Weiss, A&S ’82 (MA), ’92 (PhD), has returned to Johns Hopkins as Homewood Professor of the Humanities.

Missing Piece in Human Genome Decoded

The chromosome associated with male development, which is the last mysterious piece of the human genome, has been fully sequenced by a team including Johns Hopkins University scientists.

Johns Hopkins Opens a New Home in Washington, D.C.

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Center, focused on policy and housing JHU’s new School of Government and Policy, opened this fall in Washington, D.C.

From the Krieger School Dean

Fall 2023 updates from Christopher S. Celenza, James B. Knapp Dean of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

Environmental Justice in Curtis Bay

Students in the Environ­mental Justice Workshop went to class in South Baltimore’s Curtis Bay, to work with residents who are lobbying against transport company CSX.

Syllabus: Children’s Literature and the Self

All about the Comparative Thought and Literature class “Children’s Literature and the Self: From Fairy Tales to Science Fiction”

Pop Culture and Feminism

Arusa Malik discusses her First-Year Fellowship focused on using library artifacts to understand connections between feminism and pop culture over the last 100 years.

Ending Disparity in Birthing

Cleo Bluthenthal hopes her research on high maternal mortality, especially for Black women, may help develop policies to improve preterm birth and maternal deaths.

Agricultural Development and Food Sovereignty

Iván Ruiz-Hernández speaks about his research into the food systems affecting small farms in southern Mexico. 

Helping Avoid Opioid Relapse

Robbie Kuang discusses her research on whether cannabidiol might help people cope better with opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Notable: Cherié Butts

Cherié Butts ’92 BS, ’97 MS is a medical director in the Therapeutics Development Unit at Biogen, a global biotechnology company that seeks to develop novel therapies for complex diseases.

Bringing Art to New Audiences

Asma Naeem ’91 is the new director of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Gulfstream Expert

Jenifer Clark ’75 MA is a satellite oceanographer specializing in the patterns of the Gulf Stream.

Brewing Up a Little History

Noah Chadwick ’13 is part owner of Mobtown Brewing Company, which opened in 2019 in a southeast Baltimore neighborhood.

Seeds of Success

Mahzi Malcolm Martin ’15 is the founder of Planticular, a Manhattan-based company that helps individuals and organizations design and maintain plant-filled indoor and outdoor spaces.

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