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Students to Faculty

Most classes have fewer than 20 students, and build a close personal connection with faculty.

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Nobel Prize Winners

Most recently, Adam Riess, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Astronomy, won the Nobel Prize for showing the expansion of the universe is accelerating.

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Faculty Members

Our faculty members hold some of the world’s most esteemed prizes and awards such as the Nobel, Guggenheim, Packard, and Simons.

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In Research Funding

JHU has been the top-funded university in federal research and development since 1979.

The Undergraduate Experience

The undergraduate experience at the Krieger School allows students to build basic abilities that allow them to flourish and learn throughout their life.

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KSAS Spotlight

Every first-year student at Johns Hopkins enrolls in a First-Year Seminar (FYS) of their choice. These small, intimate, conversation-focused classes cross academic disciplines, and help students build connections that will serve them for the next four years. Each seminar is unique to the faculty teaching it, but all are discussion-based with embedded experiential learning.

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Summer 😎

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Daniela Rodriguez has literally woven together her interests as a neuroscience major and visual arts minor. Through a textiles-based project, she is expressing cognitive concepts, such as memory consolidation, in quilts and other woven structures.

“I tried to find a way to make physical representations of abstract theories in cognition that often aren’t very accessible,” she says.

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Quick tour from the MSE Library to first-year housing, AMR I and II 📍🎒

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“Spring comes earlier than you think,” says sociology professor Julia Burdick-Will, who keeps bees on her garage roof. Her beekeeping journey highlights the importance of timing in nature. From planting a big garden to harvesting over 100 pounds of honey with her kids, she finds peace and focus in this meditative hobby. 🐝

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We hope you’re getting some rest and relaxation this summer 🌲☀️

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Arts & Sciences Magazine Spring 2024 Issue

Spring 2024 cover showing an ROTC cadet climbing a wooden wall with ARMY in large letters down the side

Cover Story: Shared Purpose with Johns Hopkins ROTC

Johns Hopkins ROTC battalion struggles and triumphs together.

Cosmic Visions: Contemplating our Place in the Cosmos

Cosmic Visions creates opportunities to probe the history, philosophy, politics, and aesthetics of the humanistic and scientific view of our cosmos.

Following the Course of Major Problems

William E. Connolly, considered a giant in political theory, talks about the discipline as a way to solve the world’s problems.

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