Our alumni are an integral part of our community. They serve as mentors for current students, advisers to our programs, and are an inspiration to the entire Krieger School community.

You can find inspirational stories about our alumni and their contributions to the Hopkins community in our twice-yearly Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Post-graduate Resources

Volunteering and Student Engagement

Life Design is the approach the Homewood schools implement to help students be curious, take action, and pursue all kinds of opportunities that will shape their futures.

By getting involved with activities hosted by the Life Design Lab, formerly the Career Center, alumni have the opportunity to share their expertise and experiences to support current students.

Boards and Councils

Alumni of the Krieger School are nominated to serve as volunteers on more than 10 boards or councils supporting the university and school’s work, including the below Krieger-specific organizations.

Krieger Advisory Board

The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board was established in 1998 to assist the dean of the school in promoting understanding of the school’s key issues and concerns and to facilitate constructive dialogue among external constituents and the school’s faculty and administration. The Advisory Board has served as a vital link between the school’s past and its future, giving counsel to the Dean and other key leaders of the school. 

Second Decade Society

The Second Decade Society was founded in 1989 as the leadership development organization for the Krieger School.  It is composed of 100 Krieger School alumni who are 10 to 20 years beyond their graduation date.

Physics and Astronomy Advisory Council

The Physics and Astronomy Advisory Council is made up of leaders in the field, including alumni, who seek to support the mission of the department by offering their insight, guidance, and philanthropic support, as well as to facilitate career and internship opportunities for students and recent alumni.

Center for Financial Economics Advisory Council

The Center for Financial Economics Advisory Council is made up of leaders in the fields of finance and economics who support the program by offering counsel, teaching classes, and garnering philanthropic support. They are passionate about CFE’s mission of bridging the gap between the theory and practice of finance and its economic underpinnings.  

Humanities Advisory Council

The Humanities Advisory Council works to support the activities of the Alexander Grass Humanities Institute, and all humanities disciplines at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences through volunteer and philanthropic efforts; to collaborate with the director of the humanities institute in activities which advance the Institute’s strategic goals and objectives; and to cultivate branding for the humanities at the Krieger School which competes actively with top-tier peers, garners national recognition for its outstanding programs, and boost attractiveness of the school to prospective humanities students.