Honors in Africana Studies is a two-semester program for a select number of seniors with strong academic records and promising potential research projects. If selected for the program, you will enroll in an Independent Study—AS.362.510: Senior Thesis in Africana Studies I—with a faculty member of your choice in the Fall 2024 semester. (In some cases, however, with approval from the CAS Director of Undergraduate Studies, students may substitute an Honors research seminar from another department for AS.362.510.) During this semester, you will develop your thesis topic.

Upon successful completion of the first semester of Honors, you will enroll in a second semester of Independent Study—AS.362.511: Senior Thesis in Africana Studies II. Together with your thesis adviser, you will determine the format and length of the thesis project you will submit for evaluation at the end of the academic year. Your thesis will be granted Honors upon approval from your thesis adviser. Both semesters of Senior Thesis in Africana Studies may count as electives toward the Africana Studies major or minor.

Requirements for admission into the Honors Program are a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.5 in courses offered by or cross-listed in Africana Studies, completion of at least four courses offered by or cross listed in Africana Studies, recommendation by a JHU instructor, and approval by the CAS Director of Undergraduate Studies in consultation with an ad hoc CAS Honors screening committee.

Submit this application and a 10-page sample of your academic writing to Prof. Shani Mott, Director of Undergraduate Studies ([email protected]). A letter of recommendation from any faculty member familiar with your work should be emailed to Prof. Mott separately.