Women and careers in economics and finance

Women and careers in economics and finance

Friday, May 4th, 2018, the CFE together with the Economics Department launched the inaugural meeting of the “Women and Careers in Economics and Finance” lunch series.

Our first speaker in the series was Meghan McGee, Partner at the Baltimore-based private-equity firm Camden Partners. Meghan first delved into the details of what exactly a private equity firm does and into what analytical and other skills are required to succeed in this segment of the financial services industry. Then the discussion opened up to broader issues about the role of women in this male-dominated profession.

Participants asked wide range of questions: how to ask for promotions and raises; how to deal with inappropriate comments in the workplace; how to juggle work and family commitments. Meghan responded to all of these questions with passion, conviction, and humor, using examples from her own experience.

We hope to hold a series of these lunches next year, bringing together women who are interested in careers in the finance industry and in economics jobs more generally.

Invitations will be going out in the fall, and we look forward to seeing interested students. If you have questions or suggestions, please email Barbara Morgan ([email protected]) and/or Kevin Heerdt ([email protected]).