We are pursuing a number of innovative educational programs that bring top researchers and students together in exciting new ways. For example, our Reality Roundtable gathers a broad range of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates together to discuss the unprecedented developments that pop up weekly in the world of finance. This evolving experiment is generating a fascinating, and we believe unique, interplay among the faculty, graduate students and undergraduates. 

We regularly offer special one-time courses, bringing something fresh to the program. Long-time New York Times financial columnist Floyd Norris has taught a writing-intensive course on the events of the last several years. 

Many of our researchers are actively engaged in research, much of which highly accessible implications for the financial world. We bring these ideas to the students and the broader world through our analysis blog. The blog is gaining quite a following among financial market professionals, the press, and our students, and it has proven to be a great conversation starter—students regularly stop with comments on a recent post as we get coffee from the Daily Grind in the Brody Learning Center.

We’re proud to have achieved a great deal, and we thank the many alumni, students, and staff in the Economics Department who have supported us and made this possible.