Tutoring Help

The Office of Academic Support offers tutoring through the Learning Den, PILOT, and Study Consulting. The tutors are undergraduate students who have taken courses in a prior year and have done well.

Learning Den 

The Learning Den offers small group tutoring, help rooms and study spaces. Students are expected to bring questions or material to review. The CFE classes that Learning Den supports are Elements of Macroeconomics, Elements of Microeconomics, and Financial Markets & Institutions.


PILOT offers group tutoring for designed for students taking introductory courses. Students are organized into small groups of no more than a dozen members who meet weekly to work through problem sets with the tutor. PILOT is offered for Elements of Macroeconomics and Elements of Microeconomics.

Student Organizations

There are many student organizations doing activities related to finance/business/entrepreneurship. Here we list the groups most focused on finance; if you’d like to be listed, please send us an email.

  • The Marshal L. Salant Investment Team provides students with a hands-on experience managing equities in a real money portfolio.
  • The Financial Analysts Club is a forum to discuss market events and macroeconomic trends, where students pitch futures contracts and host networking events.
  • The Hopkins Undergraduate Real Estate Club provides career development, educational events, mentorship, and networking opportunities in real estate for students at Johns Hopkins University.
  • Smart Woman Securities at Johns Hopkins University educates women on the principles of investment and provides the opportunity to manage a real portfolio. SWS at JHU is one of 30 chapters of the national Smart Woman Securities organization founded in 2007. 
  • Khan Academy – offers great introductory lessons on economics and finance.
  • Financial Times – Johns Hopkins students have free access to the Financial Times. Just visit the webpage while connected to Hopkins wifi and create an account.
  • The Life Design Lab at Homewood is particularly useful for students who wish to pursue a profession in the field.
  • Sheridan Library Guide to Bloomberg Terminals – some CFE classes require students to collect data using Bloomberg Terminals.

Economic Databases

There are endless sources of of economic data, however below are some of the most widely used in CFE courses.

  • Library Databases – easy access to Johns Hopkins database subscriptions. The economics and finance pages hold the most relevance to the CFE.
  • FRED – the St. Louis Federal Reserve has an excellent array of economic data that is open to the public.
  • Ken French Data Library – economic data utilized in CFE courses.