The Jewish studies minor is open to any student interested in the many dimensions of Jewish life, religion, and culture, from ancient times to the present. It will also interest students who wish to study cultures and civilizations in which thinking about Jews and Judaism played an important role: Christianity, Islam, or modernity, for example. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the Jewish studies minor offers students access to a broad array of humanities and social sciences disciplines.

Requirements for the Minor

  • Six Jewish studies courses (18 credits), comprised of:
    • Three courses at any level (9 credits)
    • Three 300-level or higher courses (9 credits)

To minor in Jewish studies, students must complete a minimum of six courses (amounting to at least 18 credits) selected from those approved by the Advisory Committee of the Jewish Studies Program.

The courses must be from at least two departments; at least three must be upper-level courses (300 level or above); and only two courses with any single professor can be counted toward the minor.

One year of coursework in Hebrew or Yiddish may be counted toward the minimum number of courses required for the minor. Students are encouraged to acquire intermediate proficiency in Hebrew, Yiddish or some other language central to the Jewish experience (e.g. Arabic).

The Program in Jewish Studies does not currently offer a major. However, students interested in designing a major in Jewish studies may petition to do so as an interdisciplinary studies major. Such proposals, designed in consultation with a faculty adviser, should be submitted before the end of a student’s sophomore year.


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