Music Lessons

All Krieger School students may take lessons at either the Peabody Conservatory or the Peabody Preparatory.

Peabody Conservatory

Individual music instruction through Peabody Conservatory, called the Minor Lesson Program, is designed for students with significant experience as instrumentalists, vocalists, or composers.

Lessons are offered on Peabody’s Mt. Vernon campus on a space-available basis, and these lessons are provided in 13-week segments each semester. Thirty-minute lessons earn one academic credit; hour lessons earn two credits. Each student must perform an exit exam (as determined by the instructor) each semester of enrollment.


Auditions are necessary to register for minor lessons. Minor lessons, which earn credit, require additional fees.
For AY 2022-23, Homewood students will be charged an additional fee of $458 per credit.
Half-hour lessons earn one credit and one-hour classes earn 2 credits ($916).
Students from other divisions must ask their home registrar about fees.

Auditions for admission are by video submission. The online enrollment request (see below) will automatically link you to the platform called Slate, which will provide specific instructions.

For the audition, students must prepare two contrasting works (styles, periods, etc) showing the current level of development on the instrument. Memorization for classical instrumentalists and vocalists is not required but is strongly preferred for at least one work.

Completing the Peabody online enrollment application and audition does not guarantee acceptance to the Minor Lesson Program at Peabody Conservatory. Typically, accepted students have been playing an instrument or singing for a number of years and have received formal training. Studio space is limited.

Online Enrollment Form for All Students Each Semester

Each semester, all new and returning students must complete and submit this form by the early January or mid-August deadlines . Peabody’s registrar will not allow students to register for lessons without this form.

Forms for Spring 2023 are due Monday, 9 January 2023.
Audition videos for new students are due Friday, 13 January 2023.

Registration for Homewood Students

After completing the online enrollment form, all Homewood students who wish to continue lessons must pre-register for lessons by submitting an interdivisional registration form on SEAM, preferably during registration period in November or April. This helps determine availability of studio space for new students.

WSE students will need advisor’s signature on IDR forms before submission on SEAM.
SIS does not permit students to self-register.

Please check credit limits with academic advisors.

For more information, please contact the minor lessons coordinator, Dr. Shirley Yoo.

Peabody Preparatory

Peabody Preparatory, the non-credit division of the Peabody Institute, serves the broader musical community in Baltimore. Its students range in age from infants to senior citizens and in skill from beginners to soon-to-be-professionals. For more relaxed instructional challenges, or if one is not accepted into a given teacher’s studio for the semester for credit, Peabody Preparatory offers a wonderful learning environment and possesses a venerable history at Johns Hopkins and in the city of Baltimore.

An audition is not necessary to enroll in Preparatory lessons, although a placement interview may be necessary for teacher assignment purposes. Studio space is limited. A fee structure is located within the new Preparatory registration system known as ASAP. Elective credits for lessons through the Preparatory are not given, however a discount is offered for students at Krieger and Whiting. Register online or call 667-208-6640 for more information.