The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences offers free intensive courses in European languages to incoming and continuing graduate students each summer. These four-week courses are tailored to developing the reading knowledge that doctoral students require. The courses are suitable for students with no prior experience with the language and those seeking a brush-up. Priority is given to graduate students in the humanities and humanistic social sciences, but others may be accommodated as space permits. Funding is provided by an endowment from the Mellon Foundation. These courses give neither grades nor formal academic credit.


French and German are offered every year, while Italian, Latin, Portuguese, and Spanish are offered in alternate years or as demand requires. The courses are scheduled for four weeks, three hours per day.


Courses begin in the fourth week of July and end in the third week of August. Specific dates and language offerings are announced by email to graduate students in the spring.

For More Information

Students interested in taking a course should send an email to Lawrence Principe, director of the Singleton Center, at [email protected], preferably before March 31. The email should include your name, department, and the language in which you are interested. Further information about languages offered, instructors, textbooks, and schedules will be sent to you about April 1.