Teaching Fellowships

WGS offers two teaching fellowships a year to be awarded to advanced graduate students. The award for each fellowship is tuition and the equivalent of one semester of university stipend. Graduate students may apply to teach a course of their own design that fits under one of the following rubrics:

  • Feminist and Queer Theory
  • The Politics and Poetics of Sex
  • Gender and Sexuality Beyond the Global West

Graduate students interested in proposing a course should be actively engaged in the intellectual discussions facilitated by WGS. To develop curricular content and pedagogical techniques, interested graduate students should work in coordination with their academic adviser and a member of the WGS board.

Final application materials will include a letter of application, a two-page description of the course being offered, a draft of the course syllabus, and one letter of reference (to be sent separately by the referee). The course proposed should be taught at the 300 level.

Application deadlines will be advertised every year but generally fall at the beginning of December.

Summer Research Grants

On a yearly basis, WGS offers a number of summer research fellowships for graduate students to conduct independent research on issues related to women, gender, and sexuality. Currently, graduate students are eligible for awards of up to $2,000.

Students who receive summer funding are required to participate in the WGS seminar series and workshops. They are also required to present a paper based on their research findings on a panel that will be scheduled as part of the seminar series.

Application deadlines will be advertised every year but generally fall at the end of March.

HIRB Policy

All students conducting research without “on-the-ground” oversight of the PI are highly encouraged to contact the Homewood Institutional Review Board (HIRB) as soon as they start seriously considering their research topic. At this point, the HIRB can guide the student on the type of research that will fall into one of the exempt categories and will also guide the student on how to minimize risks to participants.

IRB applications involving student-initiated international research must be submitted to the HIRB at least eight weeks in advance of the planned start date, although students are highly encouraged to contact the IRB well in advance of the eight-week period. Student-initiated international work submitted less than eight weeks in advance of the proposed start date will likely not be approved by the IRB in time. Students should not make travel arrangements or purchase airline tickets until their IRB protocol is approved.

Required documents and instructions can all be found on the IRB website.

  • PI Certification
  • How to add a study team member not listed in eHIRB
  • eHIRB User Guide: How to Submit a New Application
  • Creating a CITI Account and Completing the Required Human Subjects Research Training

Graduate Student Liaison

WGS funds one or two graduate students to work as liaisons between the larger academic community and the program. Interested students should be actively engaged in scholarship devoted to gender and sexuality and should have a current interest in the program’s activities. The position includes coordinating WGS events, organizing the summer research panel(s), and cross-listing courses every semester.

The position will be advertised as it becomes available.

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact the WGS Program Director.