• Elena Fabietti

    PhD Candidate, Humanities Center
    The CAMS fellowship will fund her archival research in Europe during this academic year.

    Research Interests:  Her current project, entitled Bodies of Glass. A Cultural and Literary History of Transparent Humans, presents a cultural historical and media analysis of the transparent human as a figure in literature and culture from early modernity to the twentieth century. Spanning literary, medical, political, and museological sources, this work assembles the composite cultural plot that yields such phenomena as the melancholic glass human in medical and literary Early Modernity, the revival of the myth of Momus in Enlightenment literature, and the visual rhetoric of anatomic models of the glass human displayed in German Hygiene exhibitions during the 1930s. The project addresses questions of materiality, representation of the body, notions of the human, introspection, and transparency.

  • Victor Kumar

    PhD Candidate, Anthropology
    The CAMS fellowship will allow him to continue with field research and focus on writing his dissertation.

    Research Interests:  He uses ethnographic and historical methods to examine the use of acupuncture in the United States. His research approach is looking at acupuncture as a way of working with experience and in particular how practices and senses of touch mediate experiences of suffering, healing, and the self.

  • Susana Rocha Teixeira

    Spring 2017 CAMS Visiting Scholar
    PhD Candidate, Heidelberg University

    Research Interests:  Her interests lie in twentieth- and twenty-first-century North American literature, movies and TV-series, and the American makeover culture

  • Katharina Wiedlack

    Spring 2017 CAMS Visiting Scholar
    PhD, University of Vienna

    Research Interests:  Her research fields are queer and feminist theory, popular culture, post-socialist, decolonial and disability studies to name but a few. Currently, she works on a research project about the construction of Russia’s most vulnerable citizens within Western media.