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Undergraduate Program

Course requirements are designed to introduce students to a broad set of historical, theoretical, and practical museum issues and to give them the opportunity to explore museums first-hand.  Prospective minors should consult with the Director for guidance in designing a program of study.

Requirements for the Minor

Phyllis Berger
Evergreen as Muse: Photographing sculpture on the grounds of Evergreen Museum.
  • A minimum of six different courses (amounting to at least 18 credits) selected from those approved by the program.
  • Required courses:  389.201 and 389.202 (Introduction to the Museum sequence, offered annually).
  • The remaining four courses must include: 3 credits of “practicum” [P] work; 3 upper-level courses (300-level or above); and courses from at least two different primary departments beyond Museums and Society.

Additional details:

Introduction to the Museum sequence: Ideally, students should take at least one of the two introductory courses or 389.103, Museum Matters, before enrolling in more focused courses, but this is not required.

Practicum credits: These can be earned ONLY through courses designated as “practicum” in the course description [P] because of their dependence on work with objects and/or within a museum (typically 300-level).

Departmental distribution: In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the program, students are encouraged to explore various fields and must complete courses in at least two different primary departments beyond Museums and Society.  Primary departments are defined either as the home department for the course (identified by the course’s three-digit prefix), as the first cross-listing beyond Museums and Society, or as the home discipline of the instructor.  Students should seek guidance from the Director to ensure they are fulfilling this requirement, and should note that Internship and Capstone credits cannot be applied to it.

Internships and Independent Study:  Students interested in doing an internship for Museums and Society credit must first consult the University’s Independent Work Policy from the student handbook and secure the support of a faculty sponsor, ideally a specialist in the particular field of study.  Then, in consultation with the Director, the faculty sponsor, and the on-site museum mentor, the student will write a proposal for the internship that explains the work to be undertaken at the museum and defines a related academic project for which credit will be given and the terms for its completion.  Approval for credit will not be given until this proposal is approved by all three advisors.

The same general guidelines should be followed in setting up Capstone or Independent Study work for credit (for a description of the Capstone and Independent study, please see courses).  In all cases, early and frequent consultation with the Program’s Director is strongly recommended.

Museums and Society offers some basic guidelines for locating internships, including hosting an annual internship and career workshop and supporting a regularly updated internship list, but students are responsible for seeking out and securing such opportunities on their own. 

Note that University policy allows a maximum of 1 credit for an internship and that credit cannot be awarded for paid internships.

Other information: Up to three credits of museum-based internship work and/or Museums and Society Academic Enrichment Intersession courses can be taken for a mark of satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  The remaining 15 credits must be taken for a grade.  No course, other than the 1-credit internship or a 1-2 credit Capstone or Independent Study (up to a maximum, may be counted toward the minor more than once.

A checklist is available here in pdf and here in Word; further guidelines are available through the Office of Academic Advising.

Will Kirk:
Kit Harris '11 and BMA associate Objects conservator Christine Downie inspect and English Argand Lamp, c.1800, from the BMA's Collection.

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