The Second Decade Society of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences was founded in 1989 as the school’s leadership development organization. The society invites selected alumni who have demonstrated a capacity for leadership in their professional and personal lives, as well as at the university, to make a lasting impact on the school and its students.

Members interact regularly with the dean of the Krieger School and other key administrators. Through their gifts of philanthropy, expertise, creativity, and precious free time, members drive improvements to the undergraduate experience, create new opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable to students, and exercise and hone their own leadership skills. SDS also supports two student awards, the Meg Walsh Award and the Summer Internship Grant, which help students attain higher research and career goals. 


SDS membership is limited, selective, and designed for alumni within their second decade after graduation from Johns Hopkins. It’s the first step in becoming an alumni leader at the Krieger School and the university. Current SDS members and the development office identify and vet alumni who are leaders in their career fields and communities annually. The dean formally invites these alumni to join SDS. New members are welcomed at the first full SDS meeting of the academic year.

Philanthropic Commitment

Member are required to make minimum annual contribution of $1,000—designated to SDS—to remain in good standing. As volunteer and philanthropic alumni leaders, each member is encouraged to also contribute to the Krieger School Hopkins Fund, other critical needs, or areas in which they would like to have an impact each year at Johns Hopkins.

2021-2022 SDS Committee Members

Arielle Goren, National Chair

Ryan Leggio, Vice Chair

Committee Leadership

  • Camille Fesche, Co-Chair, Career, Mentorship & Professional Development
  • Steven Kerrigan, Co-Chair, Career, Mentorship & Professional Development
  • Mike Brooks, Co-Chair, Leadership, Philanthropy & Engagement
  • Ashley Kienzle, Co-Chair, Leadership, Philanthropy & Engagement
  • Jenna O’Steen, Co-Chair, Student Awards
  • Payal Patel, Co-Chair, Student Awards