Our current Woodrow Wilson Fellows are pursuing the following research projects:

Development of a Novel Photographic Burn Atlas to Reduce Parent Distress Following Pediatric Burn Injuries and An Examination of Anxiety, Depression, and Quality of Life of Pediatric Patients on a Pediatric Hemodialysis Unit
Eyad Ali ’24, Public Health Studies

Addressing Inequity: Race, Cardiovascular Complications, and Preterm Birth
Cleo Bluthenthal ’24, Public Health Studies

The Constitutional Patterns Between Maghrebian Countries
Avnika Dubey ’24, Economics

Physiological Effects of Acetaminophen Exposure on Miniature 3D Brain Organoids
Asya Ector ’24, Neuroscience

Intersection of Sports and Society
Joshua Felton ’24, Sociology

Migrant Workers of Taiwan
Calista Huang ’24, East Asian Studies

Ionic MOFs for Enhancing Low Temp Li-S Batteries
Kush Kataria ’24, Chemistry

CaMKII Regulation in a Zebrafish Model
Susanna Kim ’24, Molecular and Cellular Biology

The Legacies of Jiangmen’s Diasporas in the US
Vicky Lin ’24, Sociology

Exploring the Mechanical Properties of the DNA in the Ribosomal Genes
Bailey Liu ’24, Biophysics

Reopening Critical Periods: Molecular Mechanism of Psychedelic Induced Metaplasticity
Julianna Smith ’24, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Pre-Med Memoir
Abigail Tuschman ’24, Writing Seminars

Rural-Urban and Regional Differences in Dual Sensory Loss and Associated Depression in India
Ethan Wang ’24, Public Health Studies

Autophagy in a Drosophila Model of C9-ALS
Elaine Yang ’24, Neuroscience

Determining the Electrostatic Properties Near a Nanoparticle when Wrapped by Different Polymers
Arham Alam ’25, Biophysics

Leiomyosarcoma Scanxiety
Caroline Brown ’25, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Development of the Aortic Isthmus
Dalila Cabrieles ’25, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Physical Activity and Brain Health
Aaliyah Gonzalez ’25, Public Health Studies

PD-1 Therapetic Antibody Expression Utilizing Self-Amplifying mRNA and Intramuscular Injection
Wilson Huang ’25, Molecular and Cellular Biology

History and Nature of Memory
Rahul Jakati ’25, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Braidings on Non-Split Tambara-Yamagami Categories over the Reals
Yoyo Jiang ’25, Mathematics

Speculative Evolution: Transdisciplinarity
Tobi Park ’25, Writing Seminars

De-orphanization of Vanilloid TRP channels through High-Throughput Virion-Based Screening
Achyuth Parola ’25, Biophysics

Word Class Analysis in Written Discourse in Primary Progressive Aphasia
Katelyn Surrao ’25, Neuroscience

A Comparison of Mental Heath Behaviors, Perceptions, and Stigmas Within Black Immigrant Generations in The Washington Metropolitan Area
Rachel Baffoe-Bonnie ’26: Medicine, Science, and the Humanities

A Comparative Analysis of Cognition and Educational Standing of Students with Sickle Cell Disease in Contrast to Bone Marrow Transplant and Gene Therapy Recipients as an African American Population within Baltimore
Julius Coker ’26, Public Health Studies

CaMKII Target Inhibition
Muadh Elyamani ’26, Biophysics

Women, Welfare, and Work: The Role of Public Policy in the Women’s Liberation Movement
Arusa Malik ’26, International Studies

A Novel Approach to the Investigation of the Function and Localization of Outer Membrane Beta-barrel Assembly Machinery Subunit A (BamA) in Escherichia coli
Ethan Posner ’26, Biophysics

Preventing a Necrotic Core in Human Retinal Organoids
Rohit Rachala ’26, Mollecular and Cellular Biology

Investigation of DNA Damage Response in Neurons During Synaptic Activity Using vfCRISPR
Ramazan Solak ’26, Biophysics

Investigating a Bidirectional Relationship between Sleep and Frontotemporal Dementia in Drosophila
Miguel Velasco ’26, Neuroscience

A Comparison of a Novel Radiotracer 11C-CPPC for the Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor 1 Receptor and 11C-DPA-713 for Translocator Protein 18kDa in Humans
Sophia Wu ’26, Neuroscience

A Novel Approach for Measuring the Lag Time Between Economic Inequality and Health Status
Brandon Yoo ’26, Public Health Studies