Ava Powell

Major: Cognitive Science

Award: Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

I never expected to learn that my project could help more than just dyslexic students but also adults with and without learning disabilities; I even use it to read my course materials.

Jayla Scott

Major: Sociology

Award: Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

As an undergraduate researcher, I think the most challenging part of research is dealing with all the things you don’t know.

Maya Kelsey Johnson

Major: Neuroscience

Award: John Camp and Mindy Farber '74 Endowed Award

I hadn't really anticipated getting the chance to present the research I have conducted in the lab at as many conferences as I have had the ability to. 

Michelle Cho

Major: Biophysics and Public Health

Award: Louis E. Goodman Award

What has become increasingly apparent to me is the dangerous separation between one's physical body and mind/soul, especially among adolescent girls, a crowd I particularly resonate with from my experiences as an older sister of a prodigal ballerina and menstrual health advocate.

Raymond Perez

Major: International Studies

Award: Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

This realization has impacted my broader hypothesis of the excellence gap, and it has required me to include an understanding of cultural competence in my ideal gifted education system. 

Suma Kotha

Major: Neuroscience

Award: Albstein Research Scholarship

Through my work in the Lee and Mao labs, I have been very fortunate to see research in molecular and systems neuroscience and how the two can be integrated to better understand large and small-scale neuroscience.