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Although all the awards require the same application materials, each offers a different amount of funding and some have more specific criteria for the types of projects that can be funded. Detailed information can be found on each single award page.

For additional undergraduate research award opportunities outside of URSCA, please see HOUR, the Sheridan Libraries, and the Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe.

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Kelly-Clyne Summer Internship Grant for Film & Television

The Kelly-Clyne Summer Internship Grant provides funding to cover living expenses for students pursuing internships in the film and media industries, especially in Los Angeles or New York.

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

The Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program provides funding and support to a select group of Krieger School undergraduates, identified in their first year, who carry out an independent research project over a period of three years. The program enables students to pursue unique research opportunities that exceed what is typically available to undergraduates.

Humanities Research Clusters

The Humanities Research Clusters are open to undergraduates and graduate students. They provide for an open discussion of current topics in evolving and understudied interdisciplinary fields. Each approved research cluster will receive up to $1,000 of annual funding from the university for meetings, materials, and guest speakers. Cluster members will also have access to the Humanities Collaboratory, a new flexible hybrid learning space on campus.

The Phares Family Grant for International Engagement

The Phares Family Grant for International Engagement is a $7,000 award. Preference will be given to rising juniors and seniors who are unable to study abroad during the academic year, and who plan to travel abroad for a period of a minimum of two weeks for an independent research study. 

Meg Walsh Award

The Second Decade Society/Florence “Meg” Long Walsh Leadership Award provides a graduating senior from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences with $32,000 to undertake an independent project of his or her own unique design involving international travel.

Louis E. Goodman Award

The Louis E. Goodman Award is to facilitate personal enrichment in a discipline (arts and humanities) that may not otherwise be addressed or pursued by the recipient.

John Camp and Mindy Farber ’74 Endowed Award

The John Camp and Mindy Farber ’74 Endowed Award (approximately $4000) was created to support undergraduates conducting research in brain science, with preference given to students performing research related to brain cancers.

Bander Family Fund Award

The Bander Family Fund Award (up to $4,000) is intended to encourage students to think creatively in defining a summer project that can only be done outside of the classroom. The work may be independent research, a creative venture, or an internship directly related to a field of study.

Jeffrey Ma Shiu and Emily Liu Endowed ASPIRE Award

The annual $4,000 award will be made available for students to pursue original research in the brain sciences.


The Dean’s ASPIRE Grants (Arts and Sciences Projects, Investigations, and Research Endeavors; up to $5,000) are designed to promote independent research projects among KSAS undergraduates.

Albstein Research Scholarship

The Albstein Research Scholarship (up to $5,000) is open to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing intensive research in brain science, especially Alzheimer’s research.

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