Jeffrey Ma Shiu and Emily Liu Endowed ASPIRE Award

March 18, 2022
Natural Sciences

The Jeffrey Ma Shiu & Emily Liu Endowed ASPIRE Award (Arts and Sciences Projects, Investigations, and Research Endeavors) is designed to promote exploration among exceptional undergraduate students in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences who are determined to pursue original research in the brain sciences. 

The annual $4,000 award will be made available for students to conduct and present ground-breaking research that goes beyond their typical focus and to facilitate collaboration. The award was created to support innovation and exploration of developmental and behavioral psychology. 

Competitive applicants will be pursuing research in brain sciences and working in areas related to developmental and behavioral psychology in children.

As one of the undergraduate research awards administered by URSCA, you can apply for the Shiu and Liu Endowed ASPIRE Award along with the other awards offered to Krieger undergraduates annually.

How to Apply
Submit a pre-application by October 23, 2023, and a final application by November 27, 2023.

About Jeff Shiu and Emily Liu

Shiu/Liu family with two kids
The Shiu / Liu Family

Jeff Shiu graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Jeff and Emily live and work in Seattle where Jeff is the Senior Managing Director and the global head of Innovative Equity Ventures at Macquarie Group. Jeff serves on the Krieger School’s Second Decade Society and the Center for Financial Economics Advisory Council.

Jeff and Emily were motivated to create this award to inspire students to take full advantage of a Johns Hopkins University undergraduate experience.  They are also deeply passionate about creating opportunity for students to pursue research, for research to impact society, and to strengthen the university community.