The Woodrow Wilson Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program provides funding and support to a select group of Krieger School undergraduates. These students are selected in their first year, and will carry out an independent research project over a period of three years. The program enables students to pursue unique research opportunities that exceed what is typically available to undergraduates.

Fellowship Details

Each fellow receives up to $10,000 of funding over three years to be spent on research costs, which may include travel, equipment, and use of archives or laboratories. Fellows focus on their undergraduate fields of specialization to pursue one or more intensive research projects, crafted in conjunction with URSCA staff and the fellow’s faculty mentor. Fellows are expected to dedicate at least two full summers to their research projects.

Fellows meet regularly with URSCA staff and attend seminars and group events focusing on research skills and professionalization. Seminar topics may include:

  • Finding a Mentor
  • Planning Your First Mentor Meeting and Setting Goals
  • Writing and Managing a Grant Budget
  • Networking and Conferences
  • Conference Poster Design
  • Writing Application Essays for Graduate and Professional School

Senior fellows are required to present the results of their research to the Hopkins community at the annual URSCA Symposium, held in April or May. Additionally, a portion of each fellow’s award must be dedicated to the dissemination of their research at a professional conference.

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Poster Symposium

The Johns Hopkins University Woodrow Wilson Fellows present their final projects at a May 2018 event.