Louis E. Goodman Award

March 18, 2022

The Louis E. Goodman, MD. Award was created at Johns Hopkins University to foster the sensitivity of prospective doctors to ideas and matters beyond the realm of medicine. Specifically, it was designed to encourage applicants to pursue their interests in the arts and letters for personal enrichment. This was and always will be the award’s primary objective, because Goodman believed such endeavors would help make more well-rounded and compassionate physicians.

Service to the community was not part of the original intent of the award and therefore is not a requirement for the application. If, on the other hand, service is fundamental to a candidate’s interest or is a consequence of a proposal, the committee will give such applications full consideration.

Preparing Your Proposal

The purpose of the Goodman Award is to facilitate personal enrichment in a discipline (arts and humanities) that may not otherwise be addressed/pursued by the recipient.

How to Apply
Submit a pre-application by October 23, 2023, and a final application by November 27, 2023.

About Louis E. Goodman, MD

Although his original interests were psychiatry and internal medicine, Goodman began his career in the late 1930s as a surgeon. By the 1950s, he undertook training in oncology. For the remainder of his professional life, Goodman practiced general surgery with a subspecialty in oncology. As his expertise in oncology developed, Goodman found himself practicing as much medicine—chemotherapies—as surgery in those early days, all while concurrently running the tumor clinic at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Goodman was always keenly interested in the arts, especially music. Additionally, he sculpted, made jewelry, and weaved rugs as a means of relaxation and self expression. Goodman died of cancer in 1987.

Recent Goodman Awardees’ Projects

The Poems Our Body Carries
Michelle Cho ’23, Biophysics