Medical School Linkages

If students wish to accelerate their enrollment in medical school, forgoing the glide year altogether, there are options to do so via “linkage” arrangements with select medical schools. Linkage is not the optimal path for everyone. Some students may prefer to attend non-participating schools, or take advantages of opportunities in the glide year to continue to develop as future physicians. Others may have personal reasons that make applying through the traditional medical school application process appealing. However, for students for whom linkage is right, a number of outstanding medical schools offer linkage to eligible Hopkins post-bacs.

Participating Schools

These schools have agreed to give special opportunities to Hopkins post-bac students for enrolling directly after finishing the requirements of the post-bac program. In order to be eligible for admission, students must complete all premedical requirements by the end of the spring semester (unless otherwise noted), take the MCAT by a specified date in the spring (if required), maintain a very strong academic record, be selected to interview, and be admitted by the school’s admissions committee.

Students may not apply to more than one school, and if admitted they will be expected to attend and not apply elsewhere. Students who are interested in a linkage program meet individually with the advisors to be sure they are making the right choice.

Deciding whether or not to pursue a linkage option can be complex. The program will guide each student through this complicated choice, providing expert advice and counsel. Additionally, students will have the chance to speak directly with the schools’ admissions deans and staff and current students on special visit days to make the most informed decision.