Information Sessions

The Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program at Johns Hopkins University hosts two information sessions annually. These virtual sessions give students a chance to meet program staff, and ask specific questions about the program and application process. We also host free virtual advising sessions on topics of interests to premedical students.

Information Session 2: December 8, 2022

3:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern time
Register in advance for the Dec. 8 session. You will receive a confirmation email with meeting details.

Past Information Sessions

You may also view our past information session from September 2022:

Open Access Education Presentations

This series of virtual advising meetings addresses topics of interest to premedical students.

Why Metrics Matter and What Yours Could Mean

Although your metrics – grades and standardized test scores – are not the most important part of your application, they can mean the difference between acceptances and rejections.  In this presentation, we’re going to discuss the role that the numbers play in applicant review (for post-bac admissions like our and for medical schools), how to know if you’re competitive in your metrics, and what you can do to improve your metrics.  The information presented will be relevant to prospective applicants for post-bac programs (including but not exclusively ours) as well as medical schools (and very likely other health professsions programs).

January 19, 2023
3:30pm to 4:30pm Eastern Time
Register in advance for the metrics meeting. You will receive a confirmation email with meeting details.

Past Education Sessions

Recording from the metrics presentation will be posted here following the event.

“Am I competitive?” is one of the most common questions we get from applicants to the Hopkins Post-Bac Premedical Program and from our students in the program.  In this presentation, we will be discussing the multi-faceted aspects of competitiveness and how to answer this question for yourself, whether we’re talking about post-bac programs, medical schools, etc.
This session explores what role different experiences play in your medical school application and how this relates to the way medical schools and postbac programs review your application, especially in the age of the pandemic.
You see that Hopkins and other postbac programs offer linkages (and partnerships), but what are linkages? Is that important? In this session, we explain how linkages and partnerships typically work, what the value and drawbacks usually are, and arm you with the information needed to decide whether you should or should not be picking programs with them in mind.