Advising and Support

The post-bac program provides the finest academic and advising resources to prepare its students for success. Through the program’s thoughtfully designed advising curriculum, students develop deeper understanding of their motivations for medicine and, as career changers, the relationship between their prior experiences and goals as future physicians. Students will expand their views of medicine and their possible roles within it.

Our active alumni also serve as a resource and source of support.

One-on-One Guidance

Since we admit only a small class of approximately 25-30 students each year, we become well-acquainted with each individual. Students regularly meet one-on-one with the program’s director and assistant director to receive excellent, personalized guidance. This guidance continues through the glide year(s) and application process.

Free Academic Services

Students can utilize all of the academic support services offered through the Krieger School’s Office of Academic Advising for the premedical courses. In addition, the post-bac program hires tutors for review sessions in chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry to serve the needs of students throughout the summer and academic year.

Admissions Workshops

The post-bac program offers a vast array of workshops for students that provide extensive information about the application and admissions process to medical school. Presentations by medical school admissions representatives and topical lecture series are hosted on campus throughout the academic year.

Personal Premedical Letter of Evaluation

The program can also prepare a comprehensive premedical letter of evaluation (also known as a committee letter) for each student. This letter is based on personal advising sessions and letters submitted by faculty and others from prior college work, volunteer experiences, and employment.