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About the Program

The Program offers a comprehensive approach to the arts of acting, directing and playwriting along with the fundamentals of technical direction, play production, play analysis, theatre management and theatre history. The program offers an undergraduate minor.

For those students not focused on a career in theatre arts, the courses offer a broader perspective, an understanding of societal traditions and culture, and an appreciation for the arts, whether theatrical, literary, musical, or visual. Students pursuing careers in medicine, engineering, law, international relations, science and others have been challenged and enriched by the School’s courses in theatre arts.

For those who seek careers in the arts, the acting and directing workshops, playwriting courses, and independent study opportunities provide rigorous training in acting and other theatre crafts, as well as an appreciation for and an understanding of the history of dramatic arts, its cultural significance, and the industries it has produced.

Located in the program’s home, the historic Merrick Barn, The Johns Hopkins University Theatre provides a vehicle for the fulfillment of student lab requirements. The University Theatre produces several plays each year in the Barn and in the Meyerhoff Auditorium at the Baltimore Museum of Art, which adjoins the Homewood Campus. Classes are also held in the Barn.

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