The minor in theatre arts and studies requires a total of 21 credits. The courses must be taken for letter grades and receive a grade of C- or higher. The required courses are:

  • AS.225.100 Introduction to Theatre OR AS.225.300 Contemporary Theatre & Film
  • AS.225.301 Acting and Directing Workshop I
  • AS.225.302 Acting and Directing Workshop II
  • AS.220.105 Fiction Poetry Writing I
  • One theatre history course
  • One drama course in other program*
  • One additional theatre course**

*Courses are identified by the POS-Tag THEA-DRAMA. Alternatively, another theatre history course from within the program (not counted toward another requirement) may apply toward this requirement with permission of the director of undergraduate studies.

**This course may be an acting, theatre production, playwriting, or theatre history course.