The Undergraduate Program in Theatre Arts & Studies has moved offices to Krieger G20 during the construction for the new student center. Most classes will be held in our new Acting Studio in Krieger 103. All productions will continue to be in the John Astin Theatre in Merrick Barn.

You can find courses by semester on our courses page.


The minor in theatre arts and studies requires a total of 18 credits. Courses taken at another institution that are not directly equivalent to a JHU course may not apply towards the minor without permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The courses must be taken for letter grades and receive a grade of C- or higher. The required courses are:

  • AS.225.100 Theatre Histories
  • AS.225.101 Acting Foundations
  • One Text and Interpretation Course*
  • One Practical Theatre Course**
  • Two Additional Elective Theatre Courses***

*Current options include: Current options include: AS.225.220 Script and Stage, AS 225.240 Living Playwrights: Contemporary Plays by Contemporary Writers, AS.225.300 Contemporary Theatre & Film, AS.225.305 A History of Black Performance and Drama, AS.225.318 21st Century Female Playwrights, AS.225.324 Adaptation for the Stage, AS.225.325 Shakespeare: Page, Stage, Screen, AS.225.327 The Art of the Dramaturg, AS.225.328 The Existential Drama: Philosophy and Theatre of the Absurd, AS.225.330 Playwriting Strategies, and AS 225.345 History of Modern Theatre & Drama. Drama Courses in other departments by permission. Students may speak to the director of undergraduate studies about other options.

** Current options include: AS.225.201 Acting II, AS.225.212 Voice and Speech for the Actor, AS.225.215 Performing Musical Theatre, AS.225.250 Elements of Theatrical Design, AS.225.308 Shakespeare in Performance, AS.225.310 Stagecraft, AS.225.311 Scene Study,AS.225.314 Theatre: Tech Direction, AS.225.320 Performance, AS.225.321 The Lab – The Actor/Director/Playwright Lab, AS.225.323 Design for the Stage, AS.225.335 Comedy Tonight, AS.225.340 Devising Theatre: Moment Work, and AS.225.346 Creative Improvisation: For Theatre and for Life.

***This course may be any theatre course (AS 225 2xx-4xx). Students may speak to the director of undergraduate studies for additional guidance in selecting this course.