Giovanni Arrighi dedicated his masterwork, The Long Twentieth Century (Verso 1994), “to my graduate students,” stating that the community of graduate students was “collectively, the giant on whose shoulders I have traveled.” Continuing with this tradition, the Arrighi Center  encourages the active participation of graduate students in all its activities, including Workshops, Seminars and Research Working Groups.

The Arrighi Center General Seminar is the Center’s main activity for graduate students. The General Seminar is run as be a combination of “reading group”, invited speakers, and open discussion related to the Center’s thematic foci. Regular participants in the General Seminar include faculty and graduate students from a range of social science and humanities departments (as well as visiting post-docs and scholars). The Seminar is also open to Arrighi Center alums, affiliates and friends around the world who will be able to participate via Zoom.

PhD students who want to participate in the General Seminar for academic credit or as an audit can register under 230.675.  For questions related to 230.675 please consult with Robbie Shilliam ([email protected]) or Beverly Silver ([email protected]).

The full schedule for the seminar is posted each semester on the Events page. Most seminars are hybrid format (in person and via zoom). For more information email [email protected].