The Arrighi Center has a tradition of involving motivated undergraduate students into its ongoing activities alongside faculty and graduate students. Undergraduate students with an interest in the center’s main thematic foci should contact Wei Zhou or Corey Payne for more information.

The Arrighi Center’s activities include seminars, workshops, and research groups on themes such as:

  • Global inequality and development
  • Shifts in the global distribution of wealth and power and their implications for structures and norms of global governance
  • Land, labor, and environmental rights and struggles
  • The crisis of welfare states and the rise of a politics of austerity
  • The degree to which we as individuals and groups can influence global social change

In addition, for undergraduates with an interest in these themes, the Department of Sociology offers Undergraduate students the Global Social Change and Development (GSCD) Track. Students who successfully complete the requirements for the GSCD Track will receive majors in both International Studies and Sociology. The GSCD Program was founded by the Arrighi Center in 2012 and has been administered by the Sociology Department since Fall 2021.