Humanities Center Report

To the Krieger School Community:

Last week, the Tabb Committee delivered its final report on the Humanities Center department to Provost Sunil Kumar and me.

I am deeply grateful to Dean Winston Tabb and members of the committee. They worked tirelessly to prepare a thoughtful, deliberate, unbiased, and thorough report. Their dedication to the School of Arts and Sciences is deeply appreciated.

I am sharing the report now because I know that many faculty members and students are eager to see it. Please know that reaching a final decision on the changes called for in the report will take some additional time. The Provost and I plan to give the report the serious review it deserves and seek advice and counsel from the Homewood Academic Council, the Krieger School’s vice deans, and other involved parties.

We will consider carefully all of the committee’s recommendations and options in order to determine the best path forward for the humanities in the Krieger School.  However, consistent with the report, we would like to provide reassurance that departmental closure will not be considered.

I look forward to completing this important process and want to reiterate that we are committed to maintaining and enhancing the robust humanities scholarship that thrives here at Johns Hopkins.


Dr. Beverly Wendland, James B. Knapp Dean
Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Read the Tabb Committee’s final report on the Humanities Center department.