Winners Announced for Excellent in Teaching and Advising Awards

Please join us in congratulating the winners of this year’s Excellence in Teaching and Excellence in Advising Awards for the Krieger School. Every day, they embrace the challenge of shaping students into leaders, going above and beyond with genuine pleasure. We are grateful to have them inspiring our students at the Krieger School.

For more information about these awards, visit the Excellence in Teaching Awards page.

Faculty Undergraduate Teaching Award

Patrick Fleming
Senior Lecturer

“Dr. Fleming’s notes should be written into a book as they are extremely thorough and interesting. Even though it has been years since I took his course, I consistently go back to his notes in preparation for other courses and for interviews. The resources Dr. Fleming provides are unbelievable.”

“His ability to teach the basics and further my curiosity for the field inspired me to go on to pursue a PhD at Stanford University. … His course provided an incomparable foundation for my PhD. Since defending my thesis in 2017, I have started a company based on tech developed from my PhD research. I can wholeheartedly say that without the biophysics program and especially Professor Fleming’s sage advice and courses, I would not be where I am professionally.”

Faculty Graduate Teaching and Mentoring Award

Angus Burgin
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

“Professor Burgin truly holds students accountable for their careful reading of primary and secondary texts and challenges students to defend and refine their arguments in the moment of making them in class. Not only does this help train us as sophisticated historical analysts, but once again it demonstrates that he takes his students seriously as independent thinkers and equals.”

“He gives frank and efficient feedback, with a knack for pointing to your most crucial blind spot. This has considerably strengthened my arguments and saved me from going down less than helpful research paths. Most importantly though, Prof. Burgin treats graduate students as if they are colleagues and they have something important to offer.”

Undergraduate Faculty Advising Award

Linda Gorman
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Program in Neuroscience
Teaching Professor
Psychological and Brain Sciences

“Throughout my four years at Hopkins, Dr. Gorman has grown to be a mentor, a confidante, and an inspiration. Even just being in her presence, her enthusiasm for her work is palpable. She strives to help students in any way she can, and just wants to instill her love for Neuroscience in undergraduates. Though she has so many advisees, she takes the time to ensure none of them fall through the cracks.”

“Dr. Gorman goes above and beyond for her advisees. She is empathetic when a student is in need of a thoughtful listener, and always offers her full attention. … Her lectures are the most engaging I have had at Johns Hopkins, and as a senior, I am so grateful to her for her guidance and encouragement these past almost four years.”

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

José Luis Rodríguez Aquino
Graduate Assistant
Political Science

“Luis … incorporate[d] elements of his own teaching style that broke from the traditional mold while creating a valuable learning environment that is seldom seen from graduate students. In-class debates forced students to explore the different angles of pressing questions. Team competitions offered students a chance to work together outside of the classroom and engage with material in ways most students do not have the opportunity to. The thoughtful and insightful feedback he provided on written work vastly improved my research and writing capabilities in ways that continue to benefit me in upper level political science courses today.”

“I had the pleasure of taking International Politics of the Global South with Luis. I can whole-heartedly say that this class was the best class I have taken during my four years at Johns Hopkins. … His vision to create and educate through real-life situations was one of my favorite aspects of the semester.”