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  • faculty

  • Niloofar Haeri

    Program Chair, Islamic Studies
    Professor, Anthropology

    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    • 462 Mergenthaler
    • 410-516-5442
    • Research Interests: Islamic prayers and experiences of religiosity, gender, ritual, and language, public appearance and notions of modesty among Jews, Christians, and Muslims, social history of moral values in Iran since early 20th century; language ideology, vernacularization, and modernity. Egypt, Iran, and the Middle East
  • Homayra Ziad

    Director, Program in Islamic Studies

    Phd, Yale University
    • Mergenthaler 248
    • Research Interests: history, practice and literature of Islamic spirituality and virtue ethics; philosophical Sufism; Qur'an interpretation; contemporary Islam in the United States; Islam in the Mughal empire; language and subjectivity; religion and the arts; religion and vocation; community-based research; interreligious activism.
  • Ryan Calder

    Interim Program Chair (Spring 2022) & Director of Undergraduate Studies, Islamic Studies
    Assistant Professor, Sociology

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • Mergenthaler 558
    • 410-516-6678
    • Research Interests: Contemporary Muslim societies, sociology of markets, financialization, Islamic law and jurisprudence, comparative-historical research
  • Fatimah Fanusie


    PhD, Howard University
    • Research Interests: Twentieth-Century US, African American Islam, Civil Rights Movement, African Diaspora Culture
  • Arpan Roy

    Program Coordinator
    PhD, Johns Hopkins University

    • Research Interests: Kinship, ethics, ethnicity, Islam, language, Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Romani people
  • advisory board

  • Paul Delnero

    Associate Professor

    • Gilman 122
    • 410-516-7498
    • Research Interests: Assyriology including Mesopotamian religion, literature, education, textual archives, and ritual.
  • Tamer el-Leithy

    Assistant Professor of History

    • Gilman 330F
    • 410-516-7575
    • Research Interests: Social/cultural history of the medieval Middle East and Mediterranean, history of religious difference
  • M. Ali Khan

    Abram Hutzler Professor of Political Economy

    • 410-516-8545
    • Research Interests: An exploration of the interface of the vocabulary of commerce in Islamic studies and modern discourses of economics and finance with a view to the mutual illumination of both epistemological registers.
  • Naveeda Khan

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    • 410-516-7274
    • Research Interests: Bangladesh: riparian society, engineered landscapes and the theology of ecological consciousness and climate change; Pakistan: Islam and everyday life; urban anthropology; religion and theology; law and literature; techniques and technologies of perception; US and South Asia: temporality and emergent rationalities.
  • Lawrence Principe

    Drew Professor of the Humanities, History of Science and Technology

    • 410-516-4807
    • Research Interests: Early modern and late medieval science and technology, especially the history of alchemy/chemistry and issues of science and theology/religion
  • Ünver Rüstem

    Assistant Professor, History of Art

  • affiliated faculty

  • Rebecca Brown

    Associate Professor, History of Art

  • Veena Das

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Anthropology

    • 410-516-0630
    • Research Interests: Everyday life, ethics, anthropology and philosophy, urban transformations, poverty, violence, gender, social suffering, aesthetics, South Asia, Europe
  • Michael Harrower

    Assistant Professor of Archaeology

    • Gilman 140
    • 410-516-7500
    • Research Interests: Archaeology of the Near East, Arabia, and Africa; water and water histories; geographic information systems (GIS); satellite imagery; spatial theory; agriculture; irrigation; landscape archaeology; complex polities
  • Richard Jasnow

    Professor, Near Eastern Studies

  • Christopher Lakey

    Assistant Professor, History of Art

    • Gilman 184
    • 410-516-0554
    • Research Interests: intersections between monumental sculpture and painting and medieval visual theory
  • Theodore J. Lewis

    Blum-Iwry Professor of Near Eastern Studies

    • 410-516-6791
    • Research Interests: Religions of ancient Israel and Syria; Hebrew Bible, Northwest Semitics (especially Ugaritic and Aramaic)
  • Yitzhak Melamed

    Professor, Philosophy

    • 410-516-0568
    • Research Interests: Early modern philosophy; German idealism; metaphysics
  • Sarah Parkinson

    Assistant Professor

    • Mergenthaler 284
    • Research Interests: Political Science and International Studies
  • Glenn M. Schwartz

    Whiting Professor of Archeology, Near Eastern Studies

  • Todd Shepard

    Associate Professor, History

    • 410-516-8512
    • Research Interests: Modern France and French empire; decolonization; gender and sexuality
  • Nino Zchomelidse

    Associate Professor, History of Art

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