The new myJH portal

Many of you have logged into the new myJH portal and have noticed some things that have been moved, and some things that are perhaps misleading.

The first time you log in you will see an unpopulated “My Favorites” section, and a set of “Recommended Tools.”  Below the Recommended Tools will be clickable groups that correspond roughly to the left-hand Quicklinks in the old portal.  If you open any of those links you will see a set of apps, but not necessarily all the ones you used to see.  You may need to click on “view all apps in this group” to see things you expect.  You have the option to click on the heart on each of the apps to add it to your favorites.  These will then appear at the top and will be easy to find.

One source of confusion is the presence of “myCloud” in the recommended tools.  This is for users of the IT@JH virtual desktop, and it is not relevant to most of us in KSAS.  If you click on the Cloud group, the equivalent of the old Cloud quicklink, you will see OneDrive as one of the apps, in addition to myCloud.  Users of OneDrive should add this to their favorites.

Here are a few other important apps that you will need and might want to add to your favorites.  Some are straightforward.  E210 can be found in the HR group.  Exchange Online and Teams are both in Messaging, along with email aliases.  Concur is in Travel.  Others are less so, although they may correspond to previous groupings.  For example, SAP and the complete suite of O365 tools (e.g. Word and Excel Online) can still be found in Technology, but you will need to expand to “all apps” to find them.  Others are in different places than previous.  You can now find the Prodensity health check in JHED, along with the link to the HUB, but other JHED functions have been moved (e.g. email aliases). 

Here’s a brief guide to these and other applications that may be of interest:

Groups and Applications:

  • Cloud
    • OneDrive
  • Education
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • My Learning (also in Recommended Tools)
  • HR
    • E210
    • ESS
    • SuccessFactors Recruiting (view all apps)
  • JHED (both formerly in the central block)
    • Prodensity
    • The HUB
  • Messaging
    • Exchange Online
    • Email Aliases (formerly in JHED)
    • Teams (view all apps)
  • Technology (must view all apps)
    • SAP
    • O365 Portal
    • TechStore
    • mySoftware
  • Travel
    • Concur

You can search for apps that you use regularly; however, you may need to use several different search terms to find what you want.  Again, I encourage use of the favorites to streamline your experience.  For now, you have the option to use the old portal by selecting Legacy myJH in the Recommended Tools.  You can also click on Feedback to provide your input to the portal team in IT@JH.