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Zoom Security

As we enter a new, Zoom-filled year, remember to keep your meetings safe from Zoom bombing. Make sure all your Zoom meetings, including classes, have passcodes, and do not share the passcode-protected meeting links publicly (e.g. via Twitter or Facebook). Also, for JHU-only meetings you can now enable JHED authentication. You can have public meetings, […]

Email Spoofing

We have seen a recent surge in email spoofing, the deliberate faking of mail headers and content to convince the recipient the message comes from someone they know and trust. As a reminder, these messages are nearly impossible to block, as they appear to be innocuous. However, if you look at the source address you […]

The new myJH portal

Many of you have logged into the new myJH portal and have noticed some things that have been moved, and some things that are perhaps misleading. The first time you log in you will see an unpopulated “My Favorites” section, and a set of “Recommended Tools.”  Below the Recommended Tools will be clickable groups that […]

Teaching Resources for Continuity of Operations

In the event of emergency closures due to weather, health emergencies, etc., we offer technology solutions to facilitate ongoing delivery of classes. First things first – VPN access Many university resources are restricted to the campus network, which means you need to use the VPN to connect to them. If you have never used the […]

End of the line for Adobe Connect

In conjunction with the introduction of Zoom for online meetings, Adobe Connect will be retired at the end of 2019.  If you have recorded content in Connect that you want to keep, contact the CER or work with KITCATS to export your recordings.