Krieger Information Technology (KIT) is a team of technologists who serve the faculty, staff, and students of the JHU Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts & Sciences.  KIT also provides support for all Registrar controlled classrooms on the Homewood campus, as well as A/V service for campus events, through our Classroom and Audiovisual Technology Support team (KITCATS).

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  • For problems with classroom technology, call 410.516.6699 or email
  • For Physics & Astronomy, email
  • For Psychological & Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science or the Mind-Brain Institute, email
  • For Advanced Academic Programs, call the AAP IT Helpdesk at 202.452.1930 or email

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Mac Laptops in Classrooms

For instructors using Mac laptops in classrooms, please test out their use with the projection system in advance. We recommend using the AirMedia (wireless presentation) option when available. If you prefer to use the HDMI connection, you will need to supply your own adapter. Use only Apple-certified adapters, which can be purchased at the JHU […]

Zoom Security

As we enter a new, Zoom-filled year, remember to keep your meetings safe from Zoom bombing. Make sure all your Zoom meetings, including classes, have passcodes, and do not share the passcode-protected meeting links publicly (e.g. via Twitter or Facebook). Also, for JHU-only meetings you can now enable JHED authentication. You can have public meetings, […]

Email Spoofing

We have seen a recent surge in email spoofing, the deliberate faking of mail headers and content to convince the recipient the message comes from someone they know and trust. As a reminder, these messages are nearly impossible to block, as they appear to be innocuous. However, if you look at the source address you […]