The Program in Medicine, Science, and the Humanities in partnership with the Center for Medical Humanities and Social Medicine is proud to support undergraduate and graduate Research Fellows, who conduct independent research in the medical humanities and/or science & technology studies. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Fellows and their exciting work here. Click their name to learn more about their research!

Alaa Amr Saad

Class Of 2025

My research explores decolonizing imaginations that extend beyond discourses of repatriation and the return of original artifacts. I focus on the Egyptian artifact replica production’s role in preserving and remaking histories.

Elaine Yang

Class Of: 2024

Research location: Robert Packard Center for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research

This study utilizes an ethnographic approach to analyze the dynamics within multiple laboratories in the Neurology Department at Johns Hopkins in order to render visible the invisible labor that is important to the operation of such unitary laboratories.

Jacob Bruggeman

At Hopkins, these interests in hacking and hacker politics coalesce around what is often referred to as “hacktivism.” While this concept is used in contemporary mass and popular media, this concept has slightly deeper roots. makes the rounds in the news today, it has precedents in earlier periods.

Leigh Alon

Genetic information has long played a central role in Jewish identity and has been one way for Jews and non-Jews alike to define Jewish peoplehood. An examination of how this massive repository of Jewish genetic data is being mobilized and understood is therefore vital to understanding the construction of Jewish identity in the 21st century.

Luccia Yacoub

Class Of 2026

As a public health major myself I became intrigued by the flawed healthcare system that made my aunt move across the world for treatment. In the summer of 2023 I traveled to Egypt, through the help of the MSH Research Fellows grant, to study the state of its healthcare system.

Noah Trudeau

Class Of 2024

At the core of this research, I explore how the French configured tropical medicine as an epistemological colonization of the body and construed their ‘civilizing mission’ as a scientific expedition.

Sam Suh

Class Of 2024

My overall vision for this project is to track the evolution of holism within the path of medicine, with part one focusing on the requirements for medical school, part two focusing on the changes in the medical school courses required for medical students, and part three being changes made to the residency curriculum as seen from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).