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  • director of undergraduate studies

  • Mitchell Merback

    Professor, History of Art, School of Arts & Sciences
    Director, Medicine, Science, and the Humanities Major

  • advisory board

  • Bill Egginton

    Professor, German and Romance Languages, School of Arts & Sciences

    PhD, Stanford University
  • Jeremy Greene

    Chair and Professor, History of Medicine, School of Medicine
    Active Staff, Internal Medicine, Primary Care, East Baltimore Medical Center

  • Kelli Johnson

    Kelli Johnson

    Director of Pre-Professional Programs, Office of Pre-Professional Advising, School of Arts & Sciences

  • Leonardo Lisi

    Associate Professor, Comparative Thought and Literature, School of Arts & Sciences

  • Elizabeth Patton

    Elizabeth Patton

    Senior Lecturer, Alexandre Grass Humanities Institute

    PhD, Columbia University
  • Maria M. Portuondo

    Maria M. Portuondo

    Associate Professor & Chair, History of Science, School of Arts & Sciences
    Joint Appointment, History of Medicine, School of Medicine

  • Mary Jo Salter

    Krieger-Eisenhower Professor, Writing Seminars

  • Joshua Smith

    Faculty, Assistant Professor of Classics

  • staff

  • Alicia V. Myers

    Sr. Administrative Coordinator

  • Stephanie Gamble


    Ph.D., JHU
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