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2021 Gap Year

The Johns Hopkins’ Systems Neuroscience and Neuroengineering Laboratory (SNNL)

The Cullen lab (SNNL; PI: Kathleen Cullen) is seeking a full-time Lab Manager and Research Assistant to assist with the day-to-day logistical and operational tasks for various research projects. The Research Assistant will run animal neurophysiological experiments in mice and perform computational analyses of behavioral and multichannel neuronal data in support of the investigators and collaborators in the research environment. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting April 26, with a flexible start date sometime in June. A one-year commitment is expected, with the possibility for renewal. Please send your CV and cover letter to kathleen.e.ullen@jhu.edu 

Paid Gap-year(s) research position in Dr. Patricia Janak’s Behavioral Neuro Lab

The Janak Lab, a behavioral neuroscience lab focused on examining the neural circuitry of motivation and addictive behaviors in the rodent model, is looking to hire a new full-time lab technician, starting this summer and working for at least 1 year. In this position, you would spend around 50% of your time assisting with ongoing experiments of current graduate students and postdocs in the lab (and possibly, running your own experiment), while in the other half of your time, working on lab maintenance, placing lab purchases/orders, maintaining animal care documents, and some budgeting items. Having experience with animal research and a background in neuroscience/behavioral biology is a bonus but not necessary! If you are interested in applying, in learning more about the job or the lab, or have any questions, please reach out to me (Bridget Chen), at bchen47@jhu.edu. To learn more about our lab’s research, feel free to follow this link: http://www.janaklab.com/. The lab is located on the 2nd floor of Dunning on the JHU Homewood campus). 

The Center for Imaging Science at JHU is seeking a graduating senior or junior wanting to do a gap year or more doing neuroimaging research in Alzheimer’s Disease. Work includes but are not limited to (1) manual delineation of the medial temporal lobe in histology and in high field MRI of Alzheimer’s patients and healthy controls (2) assisting in the BIOCARD study and similar studies, which seeks to identify biomarkers associated with progression of normal cognition to Alzheimer’s Disease.

The student must have a strong neuroscience background and be able to work in a team. CIS has many diverse research goals, and thus the candidate must also be flexible and adaptable towards always learning new things that will help CIS meet research goals. Interested candidates can send a resume to exu1@jhu.edu with a view to training and learning during the winter break and spring semester that could lead to formal employment for the gap year(s).

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Medical Affairs is seeking senior undergraduate students for a yearlong, paid, full-time position aimed at highly motivated individuals who are pursuing a career in medicine and are looking for a gap-year opportunity.

Johns Hopkins Medical Affairs Internship 2021-2022

Please feel free to direct any and all questions to: applymedaffairsjhu@gmail.com