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Neuroscience Core Courses (Required of All Majors)

  • 050.203 Neuroscience: Cognitive (formerly 080.203, Cognitive Neuroscience), Rapp, Spring
  • 080.305 Neuroscience: Cellular and Systems I (formerly Nervous System I), Zhao/Fetsch/Kuchibhotla, Fall
  • 080.306 Neuroscience: Cellular and Systems II (formerly Nervous System II) Zhao/Fetsch/Kuchibhotla, Spring
  • 080.250 Neuroscience Lab, Trageser/Sterbing-D’Angelo, Fall and Spring

Please note that the list of upper levels and their POS tag may change each semester.

Fall 2019

Course NumberCourse NameInstructorDay/TimeLimitFocus Area
MWF 10:00-10:50385CM
AS.050.332Developmental Cognitive NeuroscienceLandauMW 1:30-2:4515CG
AS.050.346Decoding the BrainTaoM 3-5:30
T 3-5:30
17 (2 sections)CG/CP
AS.050.360Computational PsycholinguisticsLinzenTTh 1:30-2:4525CP
AS.050.375Probabilistic Models of the Visual CortexYullieTTh 9:00-10:1525CG/ST/CP
AS.080.301Behavioral Assessment of Animal Models of Cognition and Neuropsychiatric DisordersSmithMWF 12:00-12:50 30 ST/CG
AS.080.308NeuroeconomicsTrageserWF 12:00-1:1550ST/CP
AS.080.310Synaptic Function and Plasticity Lee/KirkwoodWF 3:00-4:1519CM
AS.080.336Brain-Body Interactions in Health and Disease (writing intensive)FarahMW 1:30-2:4530ST
AS.080.355Fundamental Principles of VisionConnor/NielsenTTh 10:30-11:4530CM/ST
AS.080.360Disease & Disorders of the Nervous SystemBaraban/SmithTTh 4:30-5:45100CM/ST
AS.080.366Neuroscience of Pain
(writing intensive)
AdwanikarTTh 10:30-11:4519CM/ST
AS.080.370The Cerebellum: Is it just for motor control?DesmondTTh 10:30-11:4519CG/ST
AS.200.334Human Memory PsychologyChenTh 1:30-419ST
AS.200.335How Does the Brain Predict the Future?HimbergerTTh 10:30-11:4518CG
AS.200.376NeuropsychopharmacologySterbing-D'AngeloTTh 12-1:1550CM/ST
AS.200.380Neurobiology of Human CognitionBednyT 1:30-3:5019CG
AS.200.382Models of PsychotherapyPapadakisTTh 1:30-2:4519CG
AS.250.205.01-.06Introduction to ComputingDamjanovic or FitchmanMWF 10:00-10:50
MWF 11:00-11:50
MWF 12-12:50
MWF 3-3:50
TTh 9:00-10:15
TTh 12:00-1:15
TTh 3:00-4:15
36 (7 sections)CP
AS.290.304Comparative NeuroanatomyBalanoffMW 3-4:1530ST
EN.580.625Structure and Function of the Auditory and Vestibular SystemsFuchs/CullenTTh 8:30-10am19ST
ME.440.715Trends in the Neurobiology of Aging
**Permission required from Dr. Trageser, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Mattson2nd quarter 10/14-12/13 Th 9-10:30pmCM
ME.440.808Physiology of Sensory Transduction
**Permission required from Dr. Trageser, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Yau2nd quarter 10/14-12/13
Tuesdays or Thursdays
3–5pm (9 sessions altogether)

Spring 2019

Course #ConcentrationCourse nameProfessorMeeting TimesLimits
AS.050.315CGCognitive Neuropsychology of Visual PerceptionMcCloskeyTTh 12:00-1:1550
AS.050.372CG/CPFoundations of Neural Network TheorySmolenskyMWF 3-4:1515
AS.080.303ST/CMStructure of the Nervous SystemHendry/Sterbing-D'AngeloMW 1:30-2:4550
AS.080.304CM/ST/CGNeuroscience of Learning and MemoryBakkerTTh 4:30-5:4545
AS.080.321CPComputational NeuroscienceTrageserTTh 12:00-1:1590
AS.080.326ST/CMNeurobiology and Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System (writing intensive)FarahTTh 10:30-11:4525
AS.080.328CG/STBehavioral Neuroscience LabSmithMW 10:30-11:45; TTh 10:30-11:4524 (2 sections of 12)
AS.080.348CG/STScience of Learning (writing intensive)GormanTTh 12-1:1518
AS.080.366ST/CMNeuroscience of Pain (writing intensive)AdwanikarTTh 10:30-11:4519
AS.200.304CG/STNeuroscience of Decision MakingStuphornTTh 12-1:1519
AS 200.311CG/STSensory Representation in the Brain: Maps, Modules & Distributed CodingFischerTTh 10:30-11:4519
AS.200.344ST/CMBehavioral EndocrinologyBohnTTh 1:30-2:4570
AS.200.369CG/STNeuroscience of Motivation & RewardJanakT 1:30-3:5019
AS.200.377STNeuroethologySterbing-D'AngeloTTh 1:30-2:4515
AS.200.385CG/STMind, Brain and Experience (writing intensive)BednyT 1:30-419
AS.250.205CPIntroduction to ComputingDamjanovic/ProcopioMWF 10:00-10:50; MWF 11:00-11:50; MWF 3-3:50; TTh 9:00-10:15; TTh 12-1:15; TTh 3-4:15216 (6 sections of 36)
AS.250.302CPModeling the Living CellJohnsonTTh 1:30-2:45;
M 5:00-6:00 (lab)
AS.290.304STComparative NeuroanatomyBalanoffMW 3:00-4:1530
ME.440.728ST/CMBrain Disease: Neurodegenerative Diseases  
Ross/Rothstein4th quarter 3/11-5/3;
M 2-4pm