Core and Upper Level Courses

Declared Neuroscience majors can choose from these upper-level courses, considering their focus area, to complete their degree. Lower-level neuroscience courses may not be required for the major, and are not listed on this page. 

Please check the BS requirements page to get a full list of required or optional courses, or consult the online course catalogue for complete course information. Additional course registration information can be found on the Student Information System website.  

Neuroscience Core Courses (Required of All Majors)

Core courses generally run the same times every semester, so they are not included in the table below.

  • 050.203 Neuroscience: Cognitive (formerly 080.203, Cognitive Neuroscience), Rapp, Spring
  • 080.305 Neuroscience: Cellular and Systems I (formerly Nervous System I), Zhao/Fetsch/Kuchibhotla, Fall
  • 080.306 Neuroscience: Cellular and Systems II (formerly Nervous System II) Zhao/Fetsch/Kuchibhotla, Spring
  • 080.250 Neuroscience Lab, Trageser/Sterbing-D’Angelo, Fall and Spring

Please note that the list of upper levels and their POS tag may change each semester.

Focus Areas: Systems (ST), Cellular and Molecular (CM), Cognitive (C), Computational (CP)

Spring 2022

Course #ConcentrationCourse nameProfessorMeeting TimesLimits
AS.020.303CMGeneticsFisher/GordusMW 12:00-1:15 (online)440
AS.050.315CGCognitive Neuropsychology of Visual PerceptionMcCloskeyTTh 12:00-1:15 (online)75
AS.050.332CGDevelopmental Cognitive NeuroscienceLandau/WilsonMW 1:30-2:4515
AS.050.339CGCognitive DevelopmentYamolinskayaTTh 10:30-11:4519
AS.080.304CM/ST/CGNeuroscience of Learning and MemoryBakkerTTh 4:30-5:45 45
AS.080.321CPComputational NeuroscienceTrageserTTh 12:00-1:15 (online)60
AS.080.326ST/CMNeurobiology and Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System FarahTTh 10:30-11:4530
AS.080.328CG/STBehavioral Neuroscience LabSmithMW 10:30-11:45;
TTh 10:30-11:45
24 (2 sections of 12)
AS.080.339CG/STCognitive Neuroscience of Aging (writing intensive)RossTTh 12:00-1:1520
AS.080.345ST/CMGreat Discoveries in NeuroscienceBarabanTTh 3-4:15 (online)60
AS.200.304CG/STNeuroscience of Decision MakingStuphornTTh 12-1:1519
AS.200.329CG/CPReal World Human Data: Analysis and VisualizationChenTh 1:30-419
AS.200.330CG/CP/STHuman and Machine IntelligenceLeeT 1:30-419
AS.200.344ST/CMBehavioral EndocrinologyBohnTTh 1:30-2:45 (online)80
AS.200.370CG/STFunctional Human NeuroanatomyCourtney-FaruqeeTTh 10:30-11:45 30
AS.200.377STNeuroethologySterbing-D'AngeloTTh 10:30-11:45 18
AS.200.659CPQuantitative Methods for Brain Sciences (open to seniors with instructor approval; Phd or MD/PhD route)
MysoreTTh 10:30-11:4540
AS.250.205CPIntroduction to ComputingDamjanovic/ProcopioMWF 10:00-10:50; MWF 11:00-11:50; MWF 3-3:50; TTh 9:00-10:15; TTh 12-1:15; TTh 3-4:15234 (6 sections of 36)
AS.250.302CPModeling the Living CellJohnsonTTh 1:30-2:45;
M 5:00-6:00 (lab)
AS.376.372CG/STTopics in Music CognitionLopez-GonzalezM 5-7:30;
T 9-11:30

30 (2 sections of 15)
EN.553.492CPMathematical BiologyAthreyaMW 3-4:1515
EN.580.439CPModels of the NeuronZhangMWF 10:00-10:50; T 9-9:50 10
EN.580.462CG/CPRepresentations of ChoiceChibMW 4:30-5:4520
ME.440.705CMCellular and Molecular Basis of Neural Development II: Regulation of Neural Connectivity (with permission of the instructor and Dr. Trageser, DUS)Kolodkin/Potter/ Sockanathan4th quarter
Mar 28-May 20
(TTh 2-4:30)

Fall 2021

Course NumberCourse NameInstructorDay/TimeLimitFocus Area
AS.050.352Applying Cognitive Neuroscience to Artificial IntelligenceLopez-GonzalezMW 1:30-2:4519CG/CP
AS.050.375Probabilistic Models of the Visual CortexYullieTTh 9:00-10:15 19CG/ST/CP
AS.050.383Computational Social CognitionIsikTBA20CG/CP
AS.080.301Behavioral Assessment of Animal Models of Cognition and Neuropsychiatric DisordersSmithMWF 12:00-12:50 30 ST/CG
AS.080.308NeuroeconomicsTrageserWF 12:00-1:15 (online)70ST/CP
AS.080.310Synaptic Function and Plasticity Lee/KirkwoodWF 3:00-4:15 19CM
AS.080.316Prefrontal Cortex: Computational Models and Neurophysiology
StuphornTTh 12:00-1:15 19CP/ST
AS.080.336Brain-Body Interactions in Health and Disease FarahMW 1:30-2:45 30ST
AS.080.355Computational Principles of Biological VisionConnor/NielsenTTh 10:30-11:4530CP/ST
AS.080.360Disease & Disorders of the Nervous SystemBaraban/SmithTTh 4:30-5:45 (online)100CM/ST
AS.080.370The Cerebellum: Is it just for motor control?DesmondTTh 10:30-11:45 19CG/ST
AS.080.620Theoretical Neuroscience
**Open to advanced undergraduate students with instructor’s permission
NieburT 4:00-5:00 20CP
AS.200.311Sensory Representations in the Brain: Maps, Modules, & Distributed CodingFischerTTh 4:30-5:4519CG/ST
AS.200.322Clinical NeuropsychologyRickardsT 5:00-7:30 20ST
AS.200.334Human Memory PsychologyChenTh 1:30-4 19ST
AS.200.376NeuropsychopharmacologySterbing-D'AngeloTTh 10:30-11:45 (online)55CM/ST
AS.200.380Neurobiology of Human CognitionBednyT 1:30-3:50 30CG
AS.250.205.01-.06Introduction to ComputingDamjanovic or FitchmanMWF 10:00-10:50
MWF 11:00-11:50
MWF 3-3:50
TTh 9:00-10:15
TTh 12:00-1:15
TTh 3:00-4:15
36 (6 sections)CP
AS.290.304Comparative NeuroanatomyBalanoffMW 3-4:15 35ST
AS.376.371Introduction to Music CognitionLopez-GonzalezT 9-11:30
M 5-7:30
15 (2 sections)CG/ST
En.580.625Structure and Function of the Auditory and Vestibular SystemsCullen/Fuchs/LauerTTh 8:30-10am
(Med Campus, Ross 529)
**Permission required from the instructor AND Dr. Trageser (DUS)
Baraban/Snyder1st Quarter (8/30-10/25)
F 2-3:15
**Permission required from the instructor AND Dr. Trageser (DUS)
Dölen1st Quarter (8/30-10/25)
M 2-3
ME.440.820Circuits and Brain Disorders
**Permission required from the instructor AND Dr. Trageser (DUS)
Worley/Albert/GreenbergFull Semester (8/30-12/6)
TTh 11:30-12:30