The Johns Hopkins University Undergraduate Society for Neuroscience, Nu Rho Psi, draws its founding principles from the Society for Neuroscience, including its “scientific, educational, literary, [and] charitable” purposes. The society is a gathering of neuroscience students and faculty devoted to the study of the cellular and molecular processes, the biological networks of the nervous system, computational approaches to the mind, and the phenomena of cognition.

Our Mission

Nu Rho Psi is a student organization dedicated to discovery through collaboration and creating opportunities for students to become involved individuals. Our organization draws its founding principles from the Society for Neuroscience to advance the understanding of the nervous system, provide member development opportunities and educational resources, and promote general education. We aim to nurture the intellectual and ethical strength of our members and generate a collaborative network for both the present and the future.

Our Goals

  • A strong endorsement of independent research and facilitation of its reporting
  • A commitment to the general community, contributing through
    educational programs and supporting beneficial public policy initiatives
  • Aiding the operations of the Undergraduate Program in
    Neuroscience and David S. Olton Behavioral Biology Programs
  • Advancing the organization through public relations and fundraising

Nu Rho Psi is divided into four different areas:

  • Research
  • Community Service
  • Neuroscience Program Interface
  • Networking

How to Join Nu Rho Psi

View the Nu Rho Psi informational brochure for more information and then complete and submit the application by 11:59 PM EST September 10.

2023-2024 Board Members

Russell Calderon

Chris Sandino

Internal Vice President
Sharmane Surasinghe

External Vice President
Kritika Gowda

Katelyn Surrao

Sumasri Kotha

Social Media Director
Maria Lewis

Director of Alumni Relations
Nuhamine Moges

Behavioral Biology Representative
Dylan Parodi

2023-2024 Chair Members

Academic Survey Chairs

BAW Chairs

Journal Club Chairs

GCN Chairs

EL: KEEN Chairs

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Jason Trageser

Professional Staff: Hope Fisher

Administrative Adviser:

  • Kelly Thammavong