Please submit all paperwork to Linda M. White.

  • December 2022 conferral deadline: 4 p.m. Friday, September 30th
  • May 2023 conferral deadline: TBD

If you have any questions or concerns, you must schedule an appointment to see the program administrator prior to the deadline.


Departmental honors are conferred upon graduating seniors who meet the following criteria:

  1. Cumulative and major GPA of at least 3.5.
  2. 9 credits of required research.
  3. Presentation of research findings at the Day of Research in Engineering, Arts, Medicine and Sciences (DREAMS). If you have presented at a previous DREAMS or URS session prior to Fall 2021, please provide which session and the year you presented. If you have not presented your research and plan to present in either of the upcoming DREAMS, please provide proof of registration.

Please submit an abstract if the deadline date is prior to the presenting date. When submitting the abstract, it MUST be in a Word document with the title of the research and your name and the name of your PI. Do not include the abstract in the body of an email. If you have already presented at one of the above-mentioned sessions, please include the abstract from that presentation.

Note that research projects up for honors consideration must be original work conducted by the student. Literature reviews, meta-analysis and other forms of secondary data analysis are not considered for honors.

Research presented at Fall or Spring DREAMS will be judged by Neuroscience and/or Behavioral Biology faculty based on select criteria.

If a student’s presentation does not meet the criteria or a judge is unable to contact the student, that student will become ineligible for honors. Therefore the presentation should be treated like a final exam.

  1. Letter of recommendation from the research mentor attesting to the student’s significant contribution to the research process. (Email directly to Linda M. White)

Students who meet the criteria for honors will receive a special notation in the graduation program and on their transcripts after their official undergraduate record is closed.

Application for Honors

During the semester of graduation, students who meet the cumulative GPA requirement for honors will receive an email from Linda M. White. The Academic Advising deadline is usually a month after the program deadline since the program administrator needs to verify that all honor applicants indeed meet the requirements, before submitting a final list with names to Academic Advising. Please see the Academic Advising website for complete Honors information.

Applications should include the following and be emailed to Linda M. White:

  • Unofficial transcript
  • Neuroscience Honors GPA Worksheet
  • Proof of presentation. Students should make an effort to obtain some proof of presentation upon completion of their presentation that includes the semester and year of presentation. Please submit a copy rather than an original, as application materials will not be returned. If you plan to present in the same semester, please send proof of registration for DREAMS.
  • Letter of recommendation. A student’s mentor must complete and email a letter of recommendation, stating the student’s contribution to the lab, prior to the student submitting his/her packet. The letter should be emailed directly to Linda M. White.