a street light with the metal sign "Station North Art District"

two interlaced hands inside fingerless hand covering

student at an easel, painting on a black piece of paper

The Center for Visual Arts (CVA) offers a diverse curriculum that includes drawing, painting, mixed-media, fibers, jewelry & small metals, architectural drawing, silkscreen and relief printmaking, digital and analog photography, and visual communication/ graphic design. Students can minor in art or take general elective classes.

The CVA studios include two mixed use art studios for drawing, painting, fibers and printmaking and one digital lab with twelve Mac stations, two Canon printers and a projector. 

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  • Hours: 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday
  • j-card required for entry

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Trust the Process

A range of colors derived from the complementary pairing of yellow and violet.

This fall, the Krieger School's Arts and Sciences magazine featured the Center for Visual Art's 50 years of learning, transformation, and art.

Conversations with Artists: Christiana Caro

Color image background top half is black bottom half contains brown wood wall paneling and beige carpet below. In the foreground there is a large white camera with thripod legs from the Ukiah Latitude Observatory in Ukiah, California on the left of the image and a tan rope hanging down the right side of the image with a shadow next to the bottom of a a wooden window frame.

The Center for Visual Arts invites you to Conversations with Artists: Christiana Caro – November 30th, 2023. Saul Zaentz Screening Room, JHU MICA / CVA Film Centre, 2nd fl. 10 E. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21202. For more information contact [email protected]

Conversations With Artists: Sanah Brown Bowers

Image of realistic painting with purple hues and a man with a full face beard wearing a backwards black baseball cap, a black t shirt, and a brown apron and blue and white sneakers combing the hair of a young boy sitting in a orange and black barber shop chair wearing black and white sneakers and covered with a colorful apron with a mix of superhero imagery and barber shop icons. Both subjects are in a realistically painted barber shop with a wooden floor and hair cutting tools and supplies behind them, along with a mirror, a poster of Muhammad Ali and a poster of different hair style options on the wall behind the subjects. Green, yellow, and black text is painted across the top of the image that reads the kings of court barbershop with decorative yellow, orange and gold designs around the text and around the border of the painting.

The Center for Visual Arts invites you to  Conversations with Artists: Sanah Brown Bowers – November 9th, 2023. Saul Zaentz Screening Room, JHU MICA / CVA Film Centre, 2nd fl. 10 E. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21202. For more information contact [email protected]