Minor in Visual Arts

Students may focus on either studio art courses or digital photography courses or a combination of the two tracks.

Each student’s complete program of study must be approved by the adviser. Advising will be done by the director (studio) and the photography coordinator (digital).

Minor Requirements

  • At least 6 visual arts-related courses; one art history and five studio/ digital courses.
  • One foundation class in drawing or digital photography is required. This course can be waived under special circumstances and approval of your art minor advisor. These courses include: 371.131, 371.186 or 371.152.
  • At least three of the required courses for the minor must be taken through the Center for Visual Arts program at Hopkins.
  • One 2 credit independent study course in the visual arts may be counted toward the minor.
  • One history of art course pertinent to the student’s field of interest.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade (cannot be graded as S/U) and students must receive a grade of C- or better to apply the course towards the minor.

Students may take courses towards the minor at JHU affiliate institutions such as MICA or an approved study abroad program.