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About the Futures Seminars

The Futures Seminars are the first step in a four-part strategic planning process that will span every unit of the Krieger School over the next two academic years.

For each department or program, the Futures seminar will be followed by a white paper (a comprehensive analysis of the department’s vision of its discipline, and its place in the fields it covers), a formal external review, and a response to the external review. This process will result, for each unit, in a thoughtful plan for the future that will enhance the academic planning process in the dean’s office and identify important priorities for the upcoming capital campaign.

As the first step, the Futures Seminars are intended to draw Hopkins faculty, students, and some invited colleagues from other universities into a conversation about the future of the discipline: development and change in existing fields; identification of emerging fields; methodological innovations; possible interdisciplinary synergies; the implications of all this for faculty research and for the training of students at all levels. The combination of internal and external perspectives will, it is hoped, shed new light on all these questions.

The Futures Seminars are thus the first step in a process by which departments and programs will develop a coherent, vibrant, and ambitious plan for their future. We hope the spirit of exploration will permeate these seminars and give Krieger School departments an engaging opportunity to exercise their considerable imaginations.

Futures Seminars will take place on Thursdays and Fridays: they open with a plenary session and reception on Thursday afternoon and evening, and conclude with a series of more focused sessions on Friday morning.