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News and Announcements

  • MBI Researcher Receives JHU Discovery Award


    James Knierim of MBI and Noah Cowan of the JHU Department of Mechanical Engineering received a 2015  Johns Hopkins University Discovery Award for a collaborative project to use engineering approaches to investigate how animals create and maintain an internal, “cognitive map” of the environment (the brain’s “inner GPS.”

  • Nielsen Lab Awarded Grant from JHU Science of Learning Institute


    MBI researcher Kristina Nielsen, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neuroscience, and Joshua Vogelstein, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, were awarded a 2-year research grant for their proposal titled “Learning causes changes in the state-space of local cortical networks.”  The project combines two-photon calcium imaging in animals learning an orientation discrimination task with a state-space analysis approach.   The investigators hope to identify fundamental learning mechanisms that arise from large-scale neural networks.

  • Congratulations to Yoonju Cho, Ph.D.


    Yoonju Cho, a graduate student in the Biomedical Engineering program, successfully defended her doctoral dissertation from Steven Hsiao’s lab and presented her thesis seminar on July 10, 2015.   Her seminar was titled “Tactile Perception of Three-Dimensional Shapes.” Congratulations, Yoonju!

  • New Grant Awarded to Connor Lab


    The Connor lab was recently awarded a new 4-year NIH R01 research grant from the National Eye Institute.  The grant, titled “Shape Learning: Computational Changes in Chronically Studied Neural Populations,” is a collaborative project with David Leopold of the National Institute of Mental Health.  The Connor and Leopold labs will work jointly to investigate neural mechanisms of visual shape discrimination using long-term, chronic recordings from large ensembles of neurons in high-order visual cortex.

  • Somatosensory Lab publishes in Neuron


    A research article from the Somatosensory Lab of MBI appeared in the journal Neuron. This work revealed that neurons in all subdivisions of primary somatosensory cortex encode cutaneous and proprioceptive stimuli. This study highlights distinct neural mechanisms of multimodal processing in the somatosensory system.


    Sung Soo Kim, Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, Pramodsingh H. Thakur, Steven S. Hsiao. Multimodal Interactions between Proprioceptive and Cutaneous Signals in Primary Somatosensory Cortex. Neuron (2015),
  • Vernon B. Mountcastle 1918-2015


    (photo credit Johns Hopkins Medicine)

    The Krieger Mind/Brain Institute mourns the loss of one of the giants in neuroscience research.  Vernon Mountcastle, long-time faculty member of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, was a founding member and a driving force behind the creation of the Mind/Brain Institute, as well as a valued mentor to many current and former scientists at the institute. 








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