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MBI Graduate Student Ramanujan Srinath Defends Ph.D. Thesis

Ramanujan Srinath, a graduate student in the labs of Ed Connor and Kristina Nielsen, successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on September 10, 2019 and presented his public Thesis Seminar on October 7.   His thesis was titled “Solid Shape Processing in Area V4.” Ram was a student the Neuroscience Training Program at the School of Medicine.  […]

Lee Lab Publishes Journal of Neuroscience Paper on Visual Cortex Plasticity

  The lab of Hey-Kyoung Lee published a paper titled “Disruption of NMDAR Function Prevents Normal Experience-Dependent Homeostatic Synaptic Plasticity in Mouse Primary Visual Cortex” in The Journal of Neuroscience, with CMDB graduate student Gabriela Rodriguez as primary author.  Changes in sensory experience trigger homeostatic adaptation of synapses in the cortex. In this paper, the […]

Lee Lab Publishes Paper in Neuron

The lab of MBI Researcher Hey-Kyoung Lee published a new study online in the journal Neuron, with CMDB graduate student Varun Chokshi as primary author. In collaboration with Paul Worley of the Dept. of Neuroscience, they demonstrated that visual experience-dependent metaplasticity in visual cortex is input-specific and depends on induction of an immediate early gene, […]

Congratulations to MBI Graduate Student on Thesis Defense!

Douglas GoodSmith, a graduate student in the Knierim lab, successfully defended his thesis dissertation on July 17, 2019 and presented his public seminar on August 16.  His thesis was titled “Firing Correlates and Mnemonic Functions of Dentate Gyrus Granule Cells and Mossy Cells.”  Doug completed his research in collaboration with Dr. Kim Christian and Dr. […]

The Inaugural Guy M. McKhann Lecture

The Inaugural Guy M. McKhann Lecture: “The Neurological Complications of Obesity: A Modern Day Epidemic” To be presented by: Eva L. Feldman, MD, PhD Russell N. DeJong Professor of Neurology Director, Program for Neurology Research and Discovery University of Michigan Department of Neurology Event Details Thursday, December 5, 2019 3:30 PM The Chevy Chase Auditorium […]

Congratulations to Recent MBI Ph.D. Graduates!

Augusto Lempel, a Neuroscience Program graduate student in the Nielsen lab, and Chia-Hsuan (Shan) Wang, a Neuroscience Program graduate student in the Knierim lab, recently defended their doctoral dissertations.  Augusto defended his thesis, “Higher-order motion processing in the ferret and its development,” on April 24, 2019. Shan defended her thesis, “The cognitive map and compartmentalized […]

Collaboration between MBI and Mechanical Engineering Labs Publish Landmark Study in Nature

The Knierim Lab of MBI and the LIMBS Lab of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (N. Cowan, PI) published a study in the journal Nature that showed how the brain translates movement information (e.g., speed and direction) into a position signal on the brain’s “cognitive map.” By placing rats in an augmented reality environment, lead […]

Nielsen lab publishes paper in Current Biology

The Nielsen lab at MBI recently published a paper in Current Biology. This is the first paper demonstrating that ferret visual cortex handles the processing of complex motion information in a manner highly similar to the primate. More precisely, their findings demonstrate that in the ferret, motion processing evolves from a representation of local motion […]

Knierim Lab Publishes Study in Science

The Knierim  lab of MBI published a paper in Science that discovered a new role of the Lateral Entorhinal Cortex (LEC)—one of the gateways of information into the hippocampal memory system.  The paper’s lead authors, Cheng Wang and Xiaojing Chen, showed that the LEC encodes experience from a first-person (egocentric) perspective, in contrast to the […]

The 2018 Kenneth O. Johnson-Steven S. Hsiao Memorial Lecture

Friday, November 16, 2018 at 4 p.m. Johns Hopkins University Mason Hall Auditorium, Homewood Campus Jack L. Gallant PhD UC Berkeley, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute A deep convolutional energy model of ventral stream areas V1, V2 and V4