The David Bodian Seminars in Neuroscience are scheduled for most Mondays at 4 p.m and take place in the MBI Library (Krieger 341). We will be rescheduling seminars as needed due to the COVID-19 shutdown. Check back here or contact for updates. 

Latest Past Events

Special Seminar : Stephanie Groman, Ph.D.

Stephanie Groman, Ph.D. Associate Research Scientist in Psychiatry Yale University School of Medicine Decision-making in addiction: dissociating susceptibility from consequence  Although many individuals will use a drug of abuse within […]

Bodian Seminar: Paul R. MacNeilage, PhD

Bodian Seminar: Paul R. MacNeilage PhD Department of Psychology & Institute for Neuroscience University of Nevada, Reno Perception of visual-vestibular conflict and characterization of natural head-eye movements To reconstruct how […]

Bodian Seminar: Jeffrey Min-In Yau, Ph.D.

Bodian Seminar: Jeffrey Min-In Yau, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Neuroscience Baylor College of Medicine Houston, TX “Bimanual touch and cortical encoding models of sensory cue integration” Our remarkable manual […]