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How Pandemics Shape Society

Alexandre White, assistant professor of sociology and history of medicine, discusses how past pandemics have reverberated long after the disease stops spreading.

Professors Innovate to Teach Online

On March 23, many professors and students jumped into online learning together for the first time. Jaime Young, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, has created videos of himself […]

Coronavirus Resource Center

The new resource center houses all Johns Hopkins updates on the 2019 coronavirus, which has caused the disease COVID-19. This includes current research, relevant news, best practices, expert information, and […]

The Black Women Suffragists Who Sparked Voting Rights

The 19th Amendment barring states from denying voting rights based on sex was passed a century ago, but the movement failed to address the broad disenfranchisement of huge swaths of […]

Caffeinated Chemistry

Noah Yan, A&S’19 and instructor of the Intersession course Roasted: The Molecular Gastronomy of Coffee, hopes students will think of their barista as a chemist. The course delved into the […]

Smart Moves

Johns Hopkins sociologist Stefanie DeLuca is involved in an ambitious experiment designed to place housing voucher recipients in areas of high opportunity. More than a year into the pilot program, the early findings are striking.

The Krieger School Welcomes New Faculty

Meet the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences’ talented group of new faculty members, who have specialties ranging from French literature to neuroeconomics to theoretical physics.

Meet the Class of 2023

Members of Johns Hopkins University’s Class of 2023—more than 1,350 of them—have arrived on the Homewood Campus. The students represent 34 countries, with the closest student coming from just 2.4 miles down the road and the farthest student coming from Indonesia. Fifteen percent are first-generation college students, and 98% were in the top 10 percent of their class. Welcome Class of 2023!

Year in Review 2018-19

I’m writing this from my office, looking out on the lush Homewood campus, poised to welcome new and returning students to Johns Hopkins. I am anticipating all that the new […]