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Virtual Learning at JHU

A new video highlights how Krieger School students and faculty are rising to the challenge of a new way of learning and connecting with colleagues this fall. See how our faculty have been leading discussions, directing research, and continuing to create a world-class, meaningful, and safe experience for our students virtually.

The Krieger School Welcomes New Faculty

The Krieger School welcomes nine new faculty members this year. New faculty are Marina Bedran, Nichole Broderick, Bryce Corrigan, Henry Farrell, Michelle Kosch, Adam Seth Levine, Karen ní Mheallaigh, Danielle Speller and John Yasuda.

Alumni make a difference during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has required mankind to rise to unforeseen challenges and draw on resources they perhaps didn’t know they had. We highlight five Krieger School alumni who are helping COVID-19 patients stay in contact with their loved ones, supply health information, PPE, and hand sanitizer to those who need it most, and make quarantine […]

Valuing the Vote

On the eve of the 2020 U.S. elections, the Arts and Sciences Magazine features the American tradition of voting: how it has changed over the last 100+ years, and how Hopkins students are working to engage young people.

Life on the Rocks

A recent report co-authored by scientists from Johns Hopkins University shows how life can flourish in places without much water, and how we can use that knowledge to benefit our own systems. “Scientists have suspected for a long time that microorganisms might be able to extract water from minerals, but this is the first demonstration […]

How Pandemics Shape Society

Alexandre White, assistant professor of sociology and history of medicine, discusses how past pandemics have reverberated long after the disease stops spreading.

Professors Innovate to Teach Online

On March 23, many professors and students jumped into online learning together for the first time. Jaime Young, a lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, has created videos of himself doing the experiments students would have done this semester. “Other instructors are considering having students look more deeply into research about the question a laboratory […]

Hopkins Faculty Offer Messages of Support for First Day of Online Classes

Johns Hopkins professors are finding different ways to stay in touch with students, and support them through the move to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many faculty shared videos on Johns Hopkins social media from their homes, backyards, and studios the Sunday before online classes started for all undergraduates. They shared words of […]

Coronavirus Resource Center

The new resource center houses all Johns Hopkins updates on the 2019 coronavirus, which has caused the disease COVID-19. This includes current research, relevant news, best practices, expert information, and university updates. Currently, officials and experts at Johns Hopkins are actively monitoring the outbreak. During this time the resource center drives conversation on how to […]

The Black Women Suffragists Who Sparked Voting Rights

The 19th Amendment barring states from denying voting rights based on sex was passed a century ago, but the movement failed to address the broad disenfranchisement of huge swaths of Americans—most notably black Americans. Martha S. Jones, a professor of history at Johns Hopkins, has written extensively about how black Americans have shaped the story of […]

Caffeinated Chemistry

Noah Yan, A&S’19 and instructor of the Intersession course Roasted: The Molecular Gastronomy of Coffee, hopes students will think of their barista as a chemist. The course delved into the art and science behind what makes the perfect cup of coffee. Roasted details the chemical and biological reactions that create the flavors in a cup […]

Smart Moves

Johns Hopkins sociologist Stefanie DeLuca is involved in an ambitious experiment designed to place housing voucher recipients in areas of high opportunity. More than a year into the pilot program, the early findings are striking.