Page last modified: January 22, 2021 at 1:03 pm

What research can continue?

On-site lab research can resume as soon as Monday, June 15, in labs with approved reopening plans. PIs are required to get approval for individual reopening plans and will provide specific instructions to the faculty, staff, and graduate students in their labs about when and how to resume work in ways that observe social distancing, required face covering, enhanced cleaning, and other measures. More information can be found on the Hub.

Can students continue to conduct research off campus in locations that are open for business, say a community center or an external lab?

Yes, but all local restrictions and advisories must be followed (see exception below for Human Subject Research). If at any point, you are concerned for your safety or health, you should stop the research and return.

Human Subject Research cannot continue via face-to-face interaction. Online visits or data collection that does not require participant interaction may continue. For more information please visit the Hub.