MBI Scientist Ernst Niebur Awarded Discovery Grant

Prof. Ernst Niebur of the MBI has been awarded a highly competitive

Johns Hopkins University Discovery Award, together with Prof. Robert Wojciechowski from the

Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health and Prof. Howard

Egeth from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Krieger

School of Arts and Sciences. This interdisciplinary JHU team is

complemented by Prof. Jocelyn Faubert of the Psychophysics and Visual

Perception Laboratory at the University of Montreal, Canada.

During this project, titled “Towards an epidemiology of vision: Developing a platform for

population-based visual psychophysics,” the researchers will develop a battery of

psychophysical tests to capture different, quasi-independent, aspects

of the major visual processing streams. The project will extend the quantitative research of

visual perception from gathering information in a laboratory

experiment, with a few tens of subjects, to an epidemiological study

with many thousands of participants.