Campus Collections

Johns Hopkins has three museums associated with the University:

The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum
Established in 1882, the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum moved to a new location in Gilman in Fall 2010. Holding collections of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts, the museum is used as a research and teaching resource for the University.

Every semester several courses are taught in the museum. Sanchita Balachandran regularly offers the course Examining Archaeological Objects. The Archaeological Museum also offers opportunities for advanced students to do independent research in the collection and to curate small installations.

Homewood Museum
Homewood Museum offers visitors the chance to explore an early 19th-century Baltimore home. The museum’s collections consist of fine and decorative arts objects representative of the furnishings during the Carroll family’s occupancy (1775–1825). Homewood Museum offers the annual Nan-Pinkard Bolton student internship and is the site of an annual Fall practicum course Curating Homewood.

Evergreen Museum & Library
Housed in a former Gilded Age mansion surrounded by Italian-style gardens, Evergreen Museum & Library has a collection of fine and decorative arts, rare books and manuscripts assembled by two generations of the philanthropic Garrett family. The museum also serves as a vibrant venue for contemporary artists. Evergreen Museum & Library offers an annual student curatorship.