The Johns Hopkins Sheridan Libraries Special Collections houses a significant collection of rare books and historic documents, as well as materials pertaining to the history of Johns Hopkins University. Curators Gabrielle Dean and Earle Havens offer annual courses focused on these materials.

Johns Hopkins is also home to three museums:

The Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum

Established in 1882, the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum moved to a new location in Gilman in Fall 2010. Holding collections of Egyptian, Greek, and Roman artifacts, the museum is used as a research and teaching resource for the University.

The museum’s Associate Director, Sanchita Balachandran, teaches M&S courses in conservation issues and practice, collections stewardship and technical research. The Archaeological Museum also offers opportunities for advanced students to do independent research in the collection and to curate small installations.

Homewood Museum

Homewood Museum offers visitors the chance to explore an elegantly furnished Federal period mansion home representative of the Carroll family’s occupancy from 1775–1825. The museum presents both the privileges and personal struggles of the Carroll family, and it shares the stories of the enslaved Ross and Conner families who lived alongside them.

Director and Curator Julie Rose teaches M&S courses in museum education and interpreting difficult histories. The museum offers the annual Nan-Pinkard Bolton student internship and welcomes students interested in pursuing independent research in the museum.

Evergreen Museum & Library

Housed in a former Gilded Age mansion surrounded by Italian-style gardens, Evergreen Museum & Library has a collection of fine and decorative arts and rare books and manuscripts assembled by two generations of the philanthropic Garrett family.

Director and Curator Lori Finkelstein teaches M&S courses on history museums, historic houses, and museum interpretation. Evergreen Museum & Library offers an annual student internship and welcomes students interested in pursuing independent research in the collections.