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The Road From Classroom to Career

Courtney Harris '11 pores over historical sources and databases, tracks down experts in the work of particular artists, and tries to authenticate the claims of families who come to her employer, the Commission for Looted Art in Europe. Read the story in Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Museums and Academia

What compels us to collect? What objects do institutions value and what do their collections say about them (and us)? If you could create your own exhibition or museum, what would it be? These are no small questions, yet they are considered daily by students and teachers in the courses offered in the Program in […]

Mellon-Funded Staging Suburbia Course Goes on Field Trip

On Tuesday, February 14, students in the Staging Suburbia course, the product of a Mellon-funded collaboration with the Jewish Museum, visited the neighborhoods about which they will be creating an exhibit for Fall 2012: Baltimore’s post-war Jewish suburbs. The museum staff teaching the course did not forget to include a stopover at Miller’s delicatessen, to […]

M&S Student Founds Museum Buddies Program

M&S Student Founds Museum Buddies Program
Four boys run across the lawn, sticks in hand, wooden hoops rolling in front of them. Several children crouch down to shoot marbles, while others try their hand at lawn bowling. It’s a scene that could have taken place in Charles Carroll Jr.’s time, but instead it is early autumn 2011, and the children are […]

Museums and Society Program to Grow with Mellon Grant

A grant of $484,000 from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will allow the Program in Museums and Society at The Johns Hopkins University to expand both its course offerings and its staff. With support from the grant, four new courses taught by curators at three Baltimore museums will be added to the roster of the […]

The Wandering Lives of Museum Objects

The Wandering Lives of Museum Objects
Elizabeth Rodini and Walters Art Museum postdoctoral fellow Ben Tilghman helped students research the “back stories” of objects in the Walters. Read the article in Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Course Blog: Critical Issues in Art Conservation

The current course “Critical Issues in Art Conservation,” taught by Sanchita Balachandran, has been maintaining a blog all semester. Students have contributed posts and comments on diverse topics, from the benefits and risks of art restoration, to the use of imaging technology to uncover knowledge about original works of art, to the consequences of mistakes […]

A Treasure Comes Home

A Treasure Comes Home
Sonneborn Collection of Judaica to be used for research and teaching. Read the article in the JHU Gazette.