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Location: Baltimore, MD
Dates: 10/15/15 (Penn Station), 11/2/15 (JHU Homewood), amd 11/4/15 (Lexington Market)



Along with staff of The Contemporary, a nomadic museum in Baltimore, students in this fall’s GhostFoodcourse brought the futuristic food truck of Brooklyn-based artists Miriam Simun to campus on Monday, October 5. Around 100 students explored the “post-extinction taste experiences” devised by Simun to call attention to the impact of climate change on the global food supply. In her blog Gilman Girl, class participant Molly Young explains that “GhostFood requires the sort of hands-on approach that people generally associate with science and math-oriented classes … we’re “building” something in GhostFood … a real live art exhibition, a very different apparatus for people to interact with/use as they will.” Watch for additional GhostFood performances, on campus and off, including Nov. 2, 6-9 p.m., on the main quad. Ghost Food is sponsored by a grant to Museums and Society by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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